Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top Ten Things: Guildmaster Groupies

Xak. Here's to you, my roguish friend.

Here is what I love about my guildmaster: (many of these were contributed by other guildmates)

  1. Has a voice like a 1940s fighter pilot--I know that is a horrible description, but when he's on Vent and says, "Head's up, ladies..." I feel like my name is "Red" and I'm the co-pilot in a bomber on a midnight mission. But instead of Nazis, it's trolls and ogres. 
  2. Knows a lot of $3 words
  3. Understands this game inside and out - kind of a foul-mouthed Encyclopedia Brown
  4. Makes an attempt to include everyone (inclusion means a lot of things, and covers a lot of ground...)
  5. Knows his class, knows your class, and will let you know what you don't know about all the things you should know, you know?
  6. Witty and charming, when he wants to be, thus reinforcing his psychopathic, err, focused energies
  7. Knows how to win friends and influence people. (However, after a diverse PUGd event, I always make sure other players don't know where I live.)
  8. His acerbic nature and hefty hubris allow others to stand on his gigantic 'pauldrons:' he will admit to making a mistake. If he does, which is rare. 
  9. "Kind of sexy in a sweet way." Quote from another cougar. I am not sure about sexy, or sweet. But he is charismatic to most of the ladies in the guild. Even Manpants.
  10. And I do have a soft spot for his punk-ass...BECAUSE: ultimately, he is a pretty great guy. Helps keep our guild "culture" at its petri-dish level of fungi  refreshing.

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