Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Picking up the tab.

Once again, yet - ONCE AGAIN, I am reminded about my friend's absence.

I don't know what it is, but I cannot make any gold in this stupid game. I try to figure it out, so I can have fun, have some gold stashed up for rainy days and otherwise, but just can't seem to do it. The jewel crafting profession has left me with nothing but rhinestones; leatherworking -- well, you actually have to get out there and hunt down some things, and I thought gee, perhaps Luperci's blacksmithing skills would work. Nothing. Like setting up a lemonade stand in a soda-pop town, no one wants what I have. And if I try to get chaos orbs, others need them, too. And hoping against hope, if I run in a guild group, perhaps some of my more financially well-established guildmates will allow me to get the orb is too much to ask. I am told to run on my own for the 'satchel.' I don't agree with the satchel that comes from queueing as a tank or healer--it's nice, sure, but I have always thought that every player should get the chance at something fun. And, that satchel usually has a few gumball machine treats in it.

I am tired of going dutch-treat. (Question: do the Dutch get insulted by this idiom? I would, I guess.) Tired of going out to eat and ordering water while everyone else gets lobster, and we split the bill. I want to be wined and dined a bit myself. Which is why, yet again, I miss my friend. Gold was not the priority. It was friendship over monetary gain. Bros before hos. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Now, I found my checkbook and am off to pay bills and pay my dues. Maybe the one weapon I was able to craft, after clawing and fighting my way to get five lousy chaos orbs, will sell. Working for a living - sigh. Maybe Blizz will treat us well soon.

Theme song: Money Changes Everything/Cyndi Lauper


  1. Senor, I was thinking about the clowns and balloons. :) Hugs to you!

  2. Just re-read this: what a whiney baby! It wasn't about the orbs anyway...:)

  3. Anonymous2.9.11

    senorita,i remember the clowns and ballons stuff everyday!__ >.<__wish priest was there to make all the clowns cry(while we laugh of course!)and don't worry, one of these days we are gonna play soccer with all those clowns traseros :D. double hugs to you!

  4. Okay - had to look up 'traseros" and am still blushing! :) And if those clowns' traseros look like the ones that pop up first in Google search, seems a damn shame to harm them!


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