Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Audacity of D'ohpe!

Please be patient with me. As you know, I don't play mind-games well. I had to have this explain to me, that greed trumps all, and sometimes, well, you be the judge. Here is an e-mail exchange from earlier today:

CDR*sends me this link:

Me: I don't get it.

CDR: It's the classic Ultimatum Game:
But it happened on a game show. The guy on the right is a genius with people skills, playing the psychology of the dilemma perfectly.

Me: The genius part I got. But what did he actually do? Convince the guy to do the split, knowing all along he would choose split too so they would both win? 

CDR: Right, he had to make sure his opponent would split, but greed is always more powerful than cooperation. So he had to downgrade the situation to make greed work.

Tonight I had a few minutes before evening duties and did LFR on Miss Matty-Shammypants. The Wyrmrest run could not have gone better, seriously, it was smooth as silk. Like butter (said in Linda Richman voice). Multiple goop mobs pulled, all downed, bam-boom-bang, done. Got some cute boots for transmog (yes, yes I did), and all was well. Hey, would you look at that? A few more minutes for the Deathwing portion. 


Could not have been worse. 

Remember Bear's post on the one player? This time it was a group from the same server who decided to do as a team what one player did before. After the Balance Druid won the Starcatcher trinket I needed and he did, oh, gee, I don't know, about 200 DPS, I started to smell a Stormwind Rat. When we wiped, and we most assuredly did on the spine and then on the last platform, before they could be kicked they pulled the boss again. Click. Bye. Gone. Thirty minutes, gear repairs, and no trinket later. Wasted away in Margaritaville, but this time not nearly as much fun. (Actually, not a fan of Jimmy Buffet--thinking of his crap would be my personal version of musical hell. Sorry if I have offended anyone who likes cheeseburgers in paradise.)

In any case, in spite of now craving a cheeseburger and margarita, this ultimatum dilemma is an interesting quandry in terms of LFR and other group pulls on stuff and junk. I was musing on this out loud the other night, and young elite druid tells me, "That is the game you play." 

Basically, yes. There are stupid humans in that world, mucking it up. Going to go collect pets now. It's been real. 

Postscript: Just kidding. There are too many cool people, too. 

*Cross-dressing rogue.


  1. That was interesting, I am a total fail at mind games so I had no idea where he was going with that and I'd never heard of an Ultimatum Game so got to learn something new!

    Oh no, now I not only want a cheeseburger and margarita but I also want margarita weather, geez, never happy.

    1. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheeseburger and margarita today. We can split it.


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