Sunday, April 15, 2012

Luperci goes to the dark side...

In a conversation with a sweet friend, he/she asked me if I was like "Matty." Yes, in many, many ways I am, I guess.

But, in real life, my job, is most like Luperci. Yes, in real life I am a paladin. 

I aggro mobs, fight bosses, dodge trash and parry monsters. I hammer, hold, wrangle, and block. All. The. Damn. Time.

Wish is why when I play Luperci, sometimes it ends in tears. 

JD, Tome, and Effy have the next round of Mog Madness up, and I love the concept, the "Anti Paladin," kind of like anti-hero. Hopefully not antipasto, but it is close to dinner time. 

So, here is Luperci's look:

I think I will really try to put this look together. It suits "her" mood now: a little tarnished, dull, and grimy.

Here is how she looks now:

Postscript: Since Lupe can't be a Death Knight (wouldn't THAT be cool?) here are some more shiny looks for her:


  1. Guarf15.4.12

    That's a plate helm? o.O

    What is it, if I may ask?

  2. Guarf, I shall get right on this task, sir.

  3. Guarf, I think we shall have our work cut out for us, but hopefully not too much:
    Helm: Acherus Knight's Hood
    Shoulders: Doomplate Shoulder Guards
    Chest: Breastplace of the Imperial Joust
    Hands: Trapper Punchers
    Belt: Ruthless Gladiator Girdle of Cruelty
    Legplates: Acherus Knight's Legplates
    Sword: Ebon Hilt of Marduk
    Shield: Black Husk Shield

    1. Guarf15.4.12

      Oh yes, I thought that looked familiar. I'm afraid you'll have to pass yourself off as a deathknight to acquire said helm :(

    2. Crud - you're right. Well, in that case, I bet I can find something just as brooding - there was another direction I had, which was very Old Gods, as the contest suggests, so maybe I'll see what I can come up with.

  4. A very dark look, it's like a Monday morning look to me, sigh. I like it, Lupe looks like a weary, battle worn tank who just dares anyone to give her any crap, boss or otherwise.

  5. Omg Matty I am really blown away by your outfit, I love it! So dark so ANTI light, I think it is the best look I have seen on Luperci. Ever. though the gloves are the only thing not perfect on this outfit, I love that razor blade like weapon!

    1. Oh, Navi - the gloves are perfect, their own way - drabble on its way! :)

  6. I fear that, as Guarf gently pointed out to me, that the helm is only for Death Knights, as is the robe. I really love putting my female paladin in plate robes. I know it may be a pain to fight a monster while wearing a skirt, but the thing is, women's clothing has historically been restrictive, demanding, and quite frankly a pain in the a**. Think about the English ladies ridiing side-saddle in petticoats, for heaven's sake! Or the horrible long-gone tradition of foot-binding in China--cultural grace aside, this is fairly horrifying to me, and thank God it's long in the past.

    Now I know this seems weird, but I've been longing for another class like Death Knights. Talk about future customization! If we could mix and match our characters' traits and spells, too! It's a "what if" scenario-- guess I'd better stop rambling and put this on a post.

  7. The first, dark ensemble looks very sinister indeed. And the second is quite frightening (in a good way). Nice work!


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