Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Druid's sake

Right in the grocery store, next to the sushi...
Just a random stupid post about my favorite beverage: sake.

Yes, I love martinis. Shots of fine tequila are always fun. And nothing beats a good red wine to make one feel all warm and dreamy.

But sake--
Don't Bogart my sake, man!

A good friend from college turned me on to sake years ago. He's the one who also introduced me to Ethiopian food, punk music, and how to keep a boy at bay for years until he finally gives up. He was great, but he wasn't the one.

Anyway - he told me you warm up sake, and then experience as the flavor changes as it cools. Any every time I enjoy a tiny cup, I think of him. Yes, he's doing well, very happy, and happy endings all 'round.

This quickly dissolved into a trip down memory lane (you'd think I was drinking sake at 9AM, which I am not, but I do have the theme song blasting).

This was supposed to be about my latest character, Momokawa. I originally started her for the Ironman challenge, but then quickly thought NOOOOOooOOOO....I couldn't stand to see her twist and fall, as graceful Night Elves do (Night Elf males, when they die, it's like a scene from a bad western: "He got me, Billy Bob, he got me! I'm seeing the light! Ma, is that you? Pa, I'll be there soon! ARRRGGHHHH!" So, I had Mookimook, who was around level 23, and had Momokawa. I am not going to level two NE Druids. Am. Not. And I really like Momokawa's name. What to do? Well, what any normal OCD, overachieving, addicted personality would do: I stripped Mooki of her raiment, gathered all heirloom gear for Momo, make Mooki a naked bank alt (she will be keeping all my letters and un-soulbound mementos), and started leveling Momo. She's going to get the love for now. I intend on making her Balance/Resto and as soon as she can go in dungeons and heal, she shall. I have always loved the druid healing spells, all leafy, green, and smokey. Kind of like college.

I realize Druids are all loving and peaceful, and this song is incongruent with their natures, but they have a bit of a rebel side in them, too:

Theme Song: Anarchy in the UK/The Sex Pistols


  1. I think that's a good decision she's too lovely to abandon on the Ironman Challenge road. And what a wonderful Druid name, go Momo!

  2. I confess ... the day my Ironman Druid dies is the day I admit that she's not really an Ironman, rez, slap on some pretty clothes and immerse her in dungeons and pvp.

    1. It is tough to admit I just can't do everything, and probably even tougher to admit I don't want to do everything! Having a lot of fun with her, that is for sure!


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