Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kirin Tor Separatist.

This is why I hate the Kirin Tor.

My two-year anniversary of creating Mataoka is coming up May 1. Not sure what is appropriate for the two-year mark: is it the linens anniversary or new mount? So hard to know. But for the bulk of this time, I have been grinding away at the Kirin Tor reputation. I am bars away from exalted, still. I wear the tabard full-time now:
This tabard, highly suggestive, is starting to stink like arcane magic gone bad.
Why do I hear "boom-chicka-wow-wow" every time I talk to Mr. Jones?

I go see that pimp, Timothy Jones, and his hoodlum pals Tiffany and Harry (both allusions to famous jewelers, including the name of the place, Cartier's) and have done more dailies for him that I care to count. Cut, clarity, color, and carats have become to taste like ash.
A purple shag heart-shaped rug? Really?!

I know the Kirin Tor are responsible for something or other in Dalaran, magic, and a lot of purple. And I was never trying to be exalted with them for their gear--just out of sheer stubborness now. They don't have a mount, they're not going to give me diamonds, and they sure as hell aren't going to give me one of their 7K gold rings so I can pop back into Dalaran at the twist of a gem. Maybe I'll just do a marathan lower-level dungeon day and wear that ugly, phallic thing until they finally say, "You're one of us, Matty."

Big deal. Stupid wizards.

Theme song: Uncle Rico.


  1. LOL! And so true, only my girls who leveled during Wrath have exalted Kirin Tor rep. Are you doing fishing and cooking dailies? That will help some.

    1. Good this point I feel I deserve an honorary degree or commemorative plaque or something!

  2. You tell 'em! All the time I spent there and I never noticed that rug! What was I doing!

    I guess at the time Dalaran was so full of people and lag I just didn't hang around long. And they did sucker me into one of those rings but it comes in handy for getting to Tanaris quickly!

    1. True but there is a portal at the top of the steps...shhhh...don't tell Blizzard or they will take it away...

      You know what the best thing that happened to me this morning? I found a Butterfingers in a drawer. Beat that Tom Jones!

    2. I meant Tim Jones of course, pussycat.

  3. Omg I love that rug. I have to go see!


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