Monday, April 9, 2012

New Profession: Cryptozoologist

A Druid tank, a warlock, a Dwarf warrior, and a priest go into a dungeon, seeking Bigfoot...

Got Pills?
To give you a glimpse in the state of my over-wrought mind now, after buying groceries yesterday I left not only the garage door open, but the back tail-gate of the car, wide-open all night, for any neighborhood cat, raccoon, or wandering mistral to lodge. I realized this when I put on my chauffeur hat at 6:45 AM. Fortunately, the battery still worked, nothing was amiss, and the only problem I had was cold seats. Bun Warmer! Activate! So, you'll understand when I tell you I needed proof! Evidence! Collected data, beeotches!

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle Mulgore:
Last night, while doing something stupid and unproductive, I am sure (not closing tailgates and garage doors apparently) one of my buddies, a mage (I know a few, and don't have to cuss all of them out) types a shocked response over something he saw, a huge WTF?!!?! moment:

Thank you, Con, for these screenshots. Because as we all know, if there's no screenshot, it didn't happen.

And I realized that I had seen this on a post before, too, but couldn't remember, so to the Mighty Search Engine! Put in my coin, hit the "go" button, and found Effy's Post:

Now, last week, cross-dressing rogue sent me this about kobolds.

My New Profession Wish
There are so many mythological creature references in Azeroth, from the kobolds, to the basilisk,  Loch Ness monster allusions, yetis, sea creatures, giant squids, leviathans, satyrs, and of course, dragons. Lots and lots of dragons. But they are the show boaters. I'm interested in the little guys, the ones who may otherwise go unnoticed in the lore. A cryptozoologist is someone who studies mythic creatures, potentially real or simply imagined. Think about an addition to archeology, where one must find the hidden creatures, and have some sort of interaction with them. I realize this potential could fall into a Pokemon Snap* game, but hey, they let pandas in the joint, why not Bigfoot? Might be less dangerous than knife-wielding bunnies.

*Nuts to you. I loved Pokemon Snap.


  1. Guarf10.4.12

    Is that...a squirrel in a Kaiser Wilhelm helmet?


    1. I think we are in far more serious trouble than we would have imagined...


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