Monday, April 23, 2012

Good looking, and smart...

Reading through some of the posts, I have to say Navi's really hit it--this past week and weekend were, well, on a walk, I told my companion that I just didn't feel like much was accomplished. For me, there is a sense of peace from knowing something is completed. In fact, at one juncture, I had a small meltdown from the sheer data fatigue (I understand this is a #firstworldproblem=guilt.) Siri was being surly, and couldn't keep up with my own CPU of a brain. If anyone is worried about robot overlords, they can relax.

But I suppose, one of the highlights, because there were a few, was this note from my mom, who is putting together our family tree:

Lest we Fields descendants become too swelled with pride on line researcher  offered this Quotation from an article entitled A CHEROKEE PIONEER by Carolyn Thomas Foreman
" The Fields family had the reputation of being the handsomest and laziest family in the Cherokee nation, the laziness being attributed to the fact that they were great book lovers and indulged this taste in preference to manual labor"
Chief Richard Fields was a cousin on my great grandfather's side.
Talk to you all soon I hope.
Let me explain why this tickled all of us so much: we have known for years we are good-looking and smart. 

Now, the final round of Mog Madness is in. Please visit JD's, Tome's, and Effy's sites for their viewpoints. These are all very good-looking and smart players. And I am probably reading too much subtext into some things that are not there, but -- if anyone got their feelings hurt, or took themselves too seriously over this very fun, free, and entertaining contest, well, all I can say JD is send them my way. I cannot wait to see what you're cooking up next.

Yesterday and today promises to be very rare warm, rain-free Northwestern days. I have a Deathwing-spine-boatload of work to do, bloods coming at me, barrel rolls, stomping, bellowing bosses throwing out throbbing piles of goo (and I JUST cleaned that up!). I feel like I have been in those raids vicariously through Navi's wonderful posts.

What I wanted to happen, I guess, was the BIG thing: the rare mount drop, the perfect weapon, the hyacinth parrot pooping rainbows and worms on my shoulder, so to speak. But none of that happened.

But what did happen -- went to an Oceanic server (squee!), my friend Ran convinced me to run my mage Ceniza a few more times (nothing dropped, but it was fun), and Senor -- it is always a pleasure to talk to you, you make me laugh, and I get to learn new words, like "borracho." That is an awesome word indeed. As long as you don't call me a borracha, it's all good.


  1. I love that, you smart good-looking person. I can only research one side of the family and from the pictures they look like a bunch of hooligans.

    My mother's side had the poor taste to immigrate and almost immediately die leaving her with an anglicized name and not much else.

  2. We have our share of hooligans, too, and an orphaned German great-grandmother - so many parallel stories! Hooligans in the bloodline keep things fresh!

  3. Oh, that's cool. So if I don't hear from you for a while it's because you have your feet up somewhere reading?

    1. Probably just standing around looking all gorgeous...


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