Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Ten Commandments

I'm taking a little break from story writing. I have bits and pieces of ideas, but for a number of reasons can't get them together. They are corralled, but still mighty wild.

Moses with transmogged staff and Colored Kilt robes

In the meantime, I was inspired by the This American Life Episode #332: The Ten Commandments. Not trying to be heretical or blasphemous, but here are the RNGs Hard-Stone Elementium Tablets from On High:

  1. Thou shall not have any MMOs before me
  2. Thou shall not make unto thee any copyright infringement of images or artwork, lest it be public domain and acknowledge as such; no screenshot shall be taken and sold as thy own
  3. Thou shall not use Trade Chat in vain
  4. Remember the Tuesday morning off-line time, and keep it sacred, for thou know the nodes shall be replenished
  5. Honor thy parental controls if necessary
  6. Thou shall not kill Flight Masters, nor those guards or grey characters, for they shall give no honor
  7. Thou shall not commit excessive flirtation with Night Elves, or poaching of thy neighbor's guild members
  8. Thou shall not raid one's guild assets or destroy the trust in a fair trade, or ninja thy dungeon member's rightful item 
  9. Thou shall not lie about heroic deeds or item levels, nor shall thy bear false witness to thine own intentions in Vent
  10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's legendary weapons, nor want of any thing that is thy guild mate's or be disgruntled in their epic mount drop. 
Blessed are those who stay on the path of the righteous, and make Azeroth wonderful for us all. Amen.

In all seriousness, if you time to listen to that episode it is priceless. The good Jewish girl and the kidney? The man who was sent to Sex Addicts because he wanted to look at a Playboy? Dios mio. But the thing that really struck me was Ira Glass' last comment about number 10-- to overly covet, is to bring on a type of sadness. Ira and Buddha, I know right?


  1. I totally endorse those commandments. Um on number ten I might have a teensy weensy problem and get somewhat disgruntled if Anzu drops those Reins for you. Geez, I'll have to work on that.

    1. Well, since I rarely remember to go in there, I am safe from any coveting or covet-tees :)


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