Thursday, April 19, 2012

Too big for your britches...

Today, after work: Clean out that Quest Log. Man, do I love Dreamer's Rest. Could just look at the view forever.

First of all, if duct tape can't fix it, it can't be fixed, in my opinion:

Here is what I have noticed in the lower level dungeons with Momo:

She runs out of sake. A lot. 

With the exception of the Leveling Festival with the best-mannered paladin ever, every dungeon since has been a deathtrap. I spam, spam A LOT,  I mean, I only have Spam, ham, bacon, and eggs to use for healing. I know more will come, a few more spells, but when I look at the spell menu I still still a lot of ham, bacon, Spam, and shred. Lots of things for kitty-cats, bears, and owls.

My dear mage friend simply said let them die--I'm not a mind reader after all. (This tickled me to no end - you'd think those status bars would work as divining rods, but alas, "healthy healthy healthy dead.") A few times on the planks of the mansions and dusty, bone-strewn catacombs of a dungeon and they'll get the idea they can't pull twenty or two-thousand monsters and expect to live through it. What I am wondering is, or suspect in any case, is that players have a few level 85s that have been ripping through old content and then expect their matched levels to do the same. It's not working. However, the RNGs will be humbling us all once again when we need to go to level 90.


I may just go see if I can find that paladin after all: at least he let me stop for mana along the way. Some of these guys just tie the dog to the roof and hit the gas pedal. Maybe it's time for Momo to stop and smell the Mageroyal along the way, and get some questing done. If you see a big lumbering owl wandering around, smelling of sake and spam, well, just say hello and offer her a cup of cheer along the way.


  1. Every new alt I think okay, level 15, queue for an instance and then think, NO, I can't face it, I can't face it, lol. Maybe I should try sake, maybe that'd do the trick!

    Oh wow, that's impressive, apparently Mrs. Romney can speak dog, I guess that's how she knows he loves it.

  2. Mrs. Romney is an expert in many things apparently, like the economy and how to drive a fleet of Cadillacs...all good life skills. But what I need help with is how to feel virtually attractive while running around with antlers and feathers. Going to be a real challenge! And as far as dungeons go, those who say they love me strongly discouraged me but now I can't seem to level any other way. Did I really become a dungeon addict? there anything I have to do before pandas, like Theramore? Now I am worried...

  3. Anonymous19.4.12

    I have a friend who refuses to run dungeons, at ANY level...unless it's a guild run. Doesn't matter what I say or how I say it, ain't happening. Fear of ridicule or failure or what have you, I'm not certain...yet he PVP's!!! `Tis odd, it is.

    As for the whole dungeon thing, can I just say that if your tank is a Paladin there is a genuine reason they're rounding up everything. BECAUSE THEY CAN. Seriously, while leveling Saintvache it was ridiculous how much stuff I could tank at once. When I wasn't in dungeons, I'd see just how many things I could take on without dying. You know those Yetis in Winterspring? I got to 21 before I couldn't see anymore to grab. No problem. Elites a level or two above me? Gimme six. You get the idea. As a Paladin, it's absurd...let alone having a healer with you as well. Yikes.

    Still, I always looked to the healer to gauge their comfort/mana level. Even if I thought I could take it all on, I wouldn't do anything to stress them or grief them because I play a healer. That makes a huge difference. I also never booked it six rooms ahead like half the tanks I've healed...

    I've had dps swear at me for not going fast enough. I nearly created a macro for my standard reply: "If you wanted to be in charge of the dungeon run, you should've rolled a tank or healer. They control the tempo and thus the lack of grief dps like to create by doing silly things." Man did that shut a few people up. A couple tried to grief the run, but I'd either handle it (or let them die first) or boot them the first chance I had.

    1. Wish I had created that macro when I was leveling Luperci, Who Is Not A Fail Tank. It is the over~anxious warrior tank who is a tad more brittle....oh did see the popst where someonce called me/Lupe a punk? Too damn funny.

  4. *that would be "post* - clumsy fingers on phone keypad...

  5. I was thinking about JD's comment, and I know lots of people like that. I think because when you're in a guild run, there is the loot factor - your own guildies know what you need and if it drops then you can decide between your and your guildies who gets it. Or maybe it's the I don't know how to play factor. Anyway, whatever the reason, PVP is different because there is no loot technically (except a win) and then you can just run around getting HKs anyhow. But I could be wrong.

    Anyway, I have to admit, I prefer not to dungeon as well except with friends. I hate meeting nasty people in game. I know they shouldn't spoil my fun, but sometimes they do.

    1. There are two schools of thought on this in my experience: one, it's easier to "be naked" in front of strangers, meaning, it's easier to make mistakes, have a quick laugh or rage, and then let it go; when I make mistakes in front of friends, or my DPS isn't as high, or my questions are dumb, those are the moments that stick. But on the other hand, I am loathe to go into dungeons without a few choice friends if I am tanking or healing--I know their DPS is so great, and don't feel in competition with them, I can relax and do my thing. I have met some of the nastiest punks in guilds I've belonged to, so if I was immune to this merely by being in a guild, then all would be well, but alas, this is not the case, and I fear I am not alone in this.


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