Thursday, April 5, 2012

sneaking a haiku...

everyone's beta
broke the world today it seems
check is in the mail


beta broke the world
it was like that when I got here
innocent of crimes

*Still haven't gotten my beta. See Tome's post today - pretty much sums it up for me, too.


  1. Husband has taken off a few days for Easter, it certainly cuts down on blog reading and playing when he wants to do fun things like clean the basement!

    I have my movie celebrity all picked out and I doubt I can convince him mogging their outfit is much more fun that basement cleaning, sigh.

    Peeked at the Beta last night cause I couldn't help it and it didn't spoil a thing for me as it kept crashing. I did manage to get a screen shot though!

  2. I am hesitant to even admit this, but it reminds me of an old joke:
    An old man goes into a temple/church/[place of worship] and prays to his God, "Please God, I have worked all my life, so hard, in dedication to you and my family. Please let me win the lottery, please." And God says, "Yes, my son, but first you must buy a ticket."

    I am a horrible joke-teller, but here's the point: I forgot to actually SIGN UP FOR THE DAMN THING and download it. I meant to do that this morning, and last night, but shiny happened again.

    And tell your husband you need a 'Mogit' break in between carting stuff upstairs from the cellar. I have had those eastern seaboard basements, and even lived in one in college, and I do not envy your task, although I do have a garage that has a black widow population the size of New York city and buckets of memories and crap. And some crappy memories. Take heart, stalwart comrade, you'll feel better when it's done! I send you +20 Basement Buff!

  3. The horrible part is that we'll do this ... again, and he will get rid of nothing! NOTHING! He always decides he just can't part with the compass off a freakin' Navy ship even or the two ton bell!

    And I've got to do my mog for my role model, Ripley! Geez, priorities!

  4. Guarf7.4.12

    You're really not missing that much. 86-90 content still not available :(

    But Matty...really? Not laughing, I swear!

    1. Yes you are, as am I! LOL! Come on, that is hilarious! See what happens when you don't help me?!!


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