Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forever young(ish)

This morning I awoke around 4:30AM (standard) thinking about the promise I made to myself yesterday (I would NOT go into Azeroth today) and also about the nature of my current resentment, and where it stems from. I am often in the role of the only adult in the room who knows where the 'grown up' hat is. And every time I put it on, it's more like a Count of Monte Cristo helmet than a funny-bunny ear one. No black circlets for me.

And then when I checked Facebook this morning, my sister posted this:

"Kiddos and I were talking about siblings; **** asked if I was the youngest of mine. When I said that I was, he told me that you seemed the youngest, because you give off a "youngish vibe".
Not sure what that means, but it tickled me. Way to keep it youngish, Aunt *****!"
I have failed in my balance of play, work, and responsibilities this week. There is no sugar for bitter pills, just stuff to do.

I will miss Azeroth today, very much. But I am hoping that when I came back tomorrow, I'll be better for it. Matty is restless and one mount away from 100, Zep is lacking in some valor points, Lupe is ever diligent. But Ceniza is taken care of, even if there was nothing good for her in LFR or dungeons. And Momo--well, she's a bear of a different color. She dinged 15 and ran into dungeons, restoration head-first. And, what is this? The tank is dying? Like, FAST? Twice she went in and was slapped around by players, and it turns out, deservedly so. She had so much junk gear on she looked like a walking yard sale. Got her a few better pieces, what I could anyway, and she went back and did fine. Swirly leaves! Here are your vitamins! Hug a bunny, you'll feel better! I tucked her in and said, "Sleep well, little Druid, you'll need it."

Thank you to my nephew for thinking I'm "youngish." It's this factor, methinks, that does enable me, paradoxically, to be the grown-up, too. Now to go do grown-up things.


  1. I had a five year old tell me "You're just like one of my friends."

    I decided to take it as a compliment on retaining my "child like" qualities, lol.

    We'll miss you while go forth and do grown-up stuff!

    1. Thank you, Tome - I know my stalwart friends and honorable denizens will keep Azeroth safe!


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