Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Out of the Void Storage Closet.

I am so not alone:

Link love.
And, note to self: do not innocently check "Twitter" while doing taxes or folding laundry. Neither gets done, and it's depressing to be reminded that I'm not linear.


  1. Sigh. A sight that's all too familiar...

  2. I've been slowly working on making room in my bags and bank in anticipation of Mists. Too bad there's no increase in Void storage at the moment. I'm still hoping for the best , esp since we have more than 8 tier sets right now.

  3. Seriously --

    /cries and sits in a dark closet

  4. It would be nice to at least be able to pass on our gear to alts ... sort of like hand me downs (no sorry boa's and heirlooms I think we are supposed to call them) At least then you could disperse the load across a few.

    Just remember ... your toon's closets are not like the Wardrobe ...

    1. Exactly! Now, correct me if I am wrong, but previously one couldn't send letters to other characters, but now I can. I had a bag-full of letters that I can now store with naked Mookimook.

      And Tsuds, your comment made me think of the wardrobe in Narnia - in that way, perhaps they are! Every time I trip through one it's hard to find my way back! Oh look! A talking satyr with an umbrella!


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