Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Have you noticed this trend, or maybe it's just me...

While leveling Momo, I look at every BoE piece through a different lens: the Chanel rose-colored glasses of Transmog. Yup. Everything I look at I wonder who of 'my many girls' could use it, (like some kindly madam of a house of ill repute), or if it could go for a chunk of gold on the AH. And yes, I have asked other players for stuff, and sometimes they could not care less, and sometimes they chime in in agreement.  Some are a little hostile about it, and aggressively disenchant without care or caution. 

But this brings up the issue of ninja...or puts it in a different light, perhaps. During one of my many runs a warlock, at the bitter end of Dire Maul, needed on healing leather bracers, which were quite an upgrade for Miss Momo. I asked him politely for them, and he said, Naaah. Yes, I did report him, the first time I have ever done that. It was blatant and unequivocal loot theft. But then tonight, while in LFR, Zep won a great necklace for my SP/OS. Now, let me tell you--whenever LFR came out, I've run it on her every week. She still needs leggings, and has very few OS pieces. A player asked me for the necklace, and then proceeded to open a trade chat window about ten to fifteen times. At what point is it perfectly reasonable to run an LFR and need on an OS piece that well, one needs?! The thing is, we have two specs for a reason--if gives many of us enjoyment to play different sides of the same character. And then the button on the shirt was tonight: 'Momo' needed on the leather helm you see above, and the hunter called her a ninja. Now, I took a tiny bit of offense for that. I asked the hunter (knowing the answer) weren't they a mail wearer? Yes, and leather. I said right, just like MY hunter and shaman. The thing is, a hunter/shaman is not going to want to wear leather for transmog once they can wear mail. If he wanted it for that purpose, there are other ways. Also, I mean, damn. 

So, here are my questions: Has the advent of transmog changed the way you see loot now? What do you consider the 'new rules' of loot distribution? I think players have a knee-jerk reaction to loot needs and call anyone a ninja out of hand, just because someone is lucky. I am asking this: let someone be lucky. It is so rare in this world, inside and out, and if the helm fits, wear it. 


  1. Well, Navi - let's be clear - my healer is NOT lucky in LFR-she has never gotten anything for her off-spec, and it's taken weeks to gather her healing gear. I have given many things away, and traded. But having a trade window opened repeatedly before a boss pull to annoy me and ask for a necklace which drops constantly is not okay. Filling out one's OS is part of the game, too. I have had players take gear when they are decked out in full heroic gear, and though it ticked me off, I would never pester them like a starving dog! I mean, a Draenei has her pride, after all!

    I think this whole "ninja" thing gets thrown around too freely, just like "noob." Or worse. But I feel it's starting to change my own attitude of generosity, and I need to keep that in check.

  2. Anonymous25.4.12

    I started looking at gear a long time ago for non-combat looks (basically RP gear on a non-RP server). But, once 4.3 was approaching I began to look closer and once I installed MogIt I was set for life. Just being able to mouse over a gear drop to see what it looks like (on my toon) is gold. If I think I'll make an outfit from it, I will keep it. If it's BoE and I think another toon will eventually, I will put it in their bank.

    Now, in terms of looting...if I want something for transmogging, I will outright ask "mind if I need for transmog?" To me, that's the appropriate thing to do. Now, the exception to this is obviously transmog/achievement runs. However, I make clear if I'm staking a claim to something on my run before we start (such as the Hunter shoulders from the Curator in Kara...they never did drop).

  3. It is funny in those lower level dungeons - I do ask, and get the gamut of responses. Mogit is so much fun though; I wish it let me see the higher level gear, so I know what to look forward to next. I am suspecting that I am leveling a druid because I wanted a leather wearer, and just couldn't talk myself into playing my rogue now. I am such a dork.


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