Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RTMT: Junk drawer.

This is my metaphorical junk drawer, where I'll be keeping some of the bits, bobs, and doohickeys I don't know what else to do with: I might need "it" someday!

Hit and Run:
If you follow the Big Bear Butt, you've read his post about a character/player named Dalra who intentionally, purposefully, and maniacally ruined an experience in LFR. He was the "Mr. Anderson" in the Matrix: dogged, and detrimental. Some felt Bear may have been justified in his writings, some may have felt he veered towards the side of vigilantism. However you may feel, he brought up a something that is fundamentally at the heart of the issue of other players/human ruining anything for us intentionally: just because it is a "game" doesn't mean the anger and rage isn't real. I was reading on Facebook the other day about an acquaintance whose car was hit, mangled, and then left, no note, nothing. This sh*t happens all the time. And though in Azeroth, one's insurance premiums won't go up, but the player did waste what cannot be recovered: time. And that is a big deal.

Don't tell Jaina:
JD: Wanna go kill the Lich King? Me too.

Music to my ears:
The centennial of the sinking of the unsinkable has been widely reported of late. One story that has stuck in my head/heart is the story of the bandleader, Wallace Hartley. That last song, whether it was or not, is haunting. I know I'm a dork, but sometimes, when I can and it won't bother others, I turn the soundtrack on in Azeroth- there are tunes and refrains that immerse me 'in game.' The talented composers and musicians of this world cannot be lauded enough.

I love letters in game. Every time I see that I have a letter that is not from the Auction House (a bill) or one of my characters (a metophorical sticky note to myself to "do something") it is a treat. I have saved all the funny and sweet ones--worth every bag slot.

That Would Be Sho Kewl Idea:
Heretical concept, I know, but what if...what if we could do a quest or had a narrative where our characters could acquire a spell or trait of another class? I'm thinking specifically of mixing up paladins and Death Knights. Luperci is in crisis, and needs to find her way back...

Speaking of paladins: last night all I could manage was a vegetative state on the couch. I thought I could sit there with my eyes closed and level Momo. I fell in with a paladin and a hunter, and we ran one, then another, then another -- I declared a "leveling festival" and the three of us, with some changes in personnel, leveled four levels last night. The paladin gave out his Real ID email, which I have but did not take advantage of--still cautious of that. But he called me "mate" a lot, and was great fun. I did all this in level 15 boots. Yup. Bad shoes, but he was such a gentleman, checked on my mana, "mate," and we had a great time.


  1. Oh, oh, like maybe a Potion of Spell Theft, if you used it near another class you could pick one of their spells and it would last an hour!

    The leveling festival sounds nice, it's great to hear about a good experience when thrown together.

  2. I read the Dalra incident. Clearly, a douche. But you know Matty, that is super quotable "The player did waste what cannot be recovered - time. And that is a big deal". Perfect!

    Oh and now I have an idea!


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