Monday, April 9, 2012

Try these on for size...

Under the guise of cleaning out banks, bags, and organizing screenshots, I have a few transmog pix. Really, it was that I had time to burn off some rez sickness on Lupe (yes, the run was that bad).

Another option for the Mog Madness Round III: just pretending!

Ceniza being a mean witch
 These are the looks I would have played with had I done Mog Madness III (hey, just because I'm out of the brackets doesn't mean I still shouldn't do drills and relays!)

I do NOT have the Horseman's helm, to my great anger with the RNGs, but boy, there's always next year!

"Luperci is shown wearing a stunning Tabard of the Illidari, and lots of pretty purple, greens, lavenders, and goblin grease...just the perfect thing for those raiding nights, old school style!"
Say "Cheese!"

Weapon Option 1

Weapon Option 2

Weapon 3
Of all the things I tried, this helm alone says, "Hey, boys, my eyes are up HERE!"


  1. ROTFL!!!! You win! I was wondering if everyone would use a male character, as the tabard is a little distracting on a female. But the helm, perfection!

  2. LOL!

    I feel kind of lame for still playing even though I had to pack up my doll case and go home, but this is a look I intended on trying to obtain. Those RNGs, though -- two years for that bloody helm. It mocks me, mocks me I tellsya!

  3. I sometimes think the RNG isn't so random and it's a little mean because my leather wearing Druid got that thing twice. I didn't want to get rid of it for the longest time, kept thinking, oh, what if Druid's can wear plate at some time. Yeah right.

  4. So it mocks us all!

  5. Oh I do that too! I do pretend Mog Madness! I like it with the Horseman's helm fantastic look!

  6. Heehee, that helm is awesome with this tabard. I considered it, but ultimately decided to go in a different direciton. Well-done on all of them!
    Ceniza as a "mean witch" looks very scary indeed!


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