Monday, April 9, 2012

Life to the Fourth Power

I have a vacation this week. No, not like Navi's tour and gastronomical-astronomical fantastic tour of London and environs. More like, a tour of local Office Depots, Targets, and land-fill dumps. Not quite the same is it?

This early Monday morning has me with the epiphany I have four columns of To-Do lists. No wonder I can't sleep. There is my domestic/economic list (still have taxes to file and bills to pay), my work list (yes, I still have more than I can list on my list for my list at work), my writing list (oh, yes, there is a story about a witch, a sexy witch, in the works), and my Azeroth list.

And then, there is this:

Now I need that macro, stat!

My Azeroth list is longer than the reverberating shake of a dancing ogre's belly. Yesterday or the day before I filled up my Void Storage slots for Mataoka. Is there shame in hoarding? Oh yes. Am I annoyed in general that Blizz came up with this, charges so much gold for it, gives us crack and labels it "transmogrification" and then laughs all the way to the Dwarf District bank? Oh yes. Oh most definitely yes. But then...


There's that old "self accountability" speech again. I am in control of my sock drawer, me, not them. Time to make some hard choices, in real life and virtual. Sweep out the corners and move on. The other day I "accidentally" selected all of my 1,029 work emails, and "accidentally" deleted them. Passive-aggressive much? There are no accidents. I did put them in the trash in error, but when I saw what I did, I went ahead and hit the "are you sure?" button. By noon, there were another 100 e-mails. Those things breed faster than trolls.

I am determined to remove the weight of life's detritus and debris.

I can do it.

I will do it!!


But first...a holiday mount and more coffee. It's only 5:30AM. Plenty of time left.


  1. That is the best macro ever, lol!

    Yes, my mission today is to acquire another holiday mount even though competing for chocolate eggs kind of makes me want to run screaming from the computer. Not sure how Blizzard makes me do this. Mind control.

    1. I immediately made one for Zep, and then for Mataoka, but the healing rain isn't instant cast, so something is off. Matty's drew quite a crowd of Dwarfs, though...and is still trying to get the gold coins out of her, um, slot?


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