Thursday, April 26, 2012

POI: Had to cut a shaman...

This is Matty, as a gnome rogue, on the Hagara fight in LFR yesterday. She had big blue eyes, and a fiesty attitude. Only trouble was tanks kept mobs in hurty icy stuff, and her little legs just couldn't move quite fast enough. No deaths, but was so distracted by trying to find her in the crowd the dps/damage went near toilet levels. But lots of fun!


  1. I have an alchemist, why do I not make these. Note to Alchemist, please whip up a batch of Potion of Illusion.

    There, another post-it of important work to be done!

  2. These are truly my favorite cocktail - more than sake. Word.

  3. She is very cute! Omg I would hate to meet her in a BGs. I wouldn't see her coming... not from stealth or even in unstealth.

  4. It's her big blue eyes that would get'cha! :)


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