Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretty little match girl...

Took time to put together pretty outfit to match my new staff...
She shoots her wand, SCORE!

(Voice in head: Matty, you have a sh*t ton to do today.)
(Matty: yes, yes I know, but Ceniza is so much fun!)
(Voice: Okay, you got your staff, now go do the dishes. You need to go to work for a bit too.)
(Matty: Shush, Tyrande, I mean, Voice.)
(Other Voice: Yea, what is it with Malfurion telling her to hush all the time? He acts like her dad, not her boyfriend [said boiee-frand)
(i-Phone voice/Siri: Would you like me to send that message? Okay, I'll send it.")

Okay -all of you shut your pie-holes. 

Gambled and took Ceniza into the Deathwing portion of LFR this morning. At one point, thought I was queued, tabbed out, and then checked back in to realize I'd been goofing off for twenty minutes not queued. *sigh* I used the word 'gambled' because unless you go in with a Loot Buddy who doesn't need the gear but can roll on it, it's a risky proposition.

Ah, the nerd rage-tastic fan-flipping-awesomness of LFR. Before I even landed on the damn spine a player was calling for me and a rogue to get kicked because he accused of us pulling another tentacle. Not I, said the Fly. Can't speak for the rogue, but that was bullcrap. (Oh, and please tell me it's not true that we can kick mid-fight--this seems like overkill, no pun, for a small but annoying problem. I read this may happen in the expansion and thought NOOOOOo!!!OOOO!OOOooooo!!!) I think a simple fix should be: there needs to be  ready check and the fight does not begin until then. That was no one can pull the boss for fun and ensure his spot for loot. Simple fix, right. Regardless, the spine is not a dps fight, but makes folks so damn angry. Not sure why.

Sorry -- I digressed. Kind of. The thing is, I have been there many times, but my mage isn't geared yet. That is why I am there. Duh. And I got all kinds of flack for lows DPS. I finally whispered the one hunter and said, "Look, this is my fifth level 85 and I'm really just learning her--be patient please." Sometimes kindness works, because he stepped off a bit. I am well aware of my poor DPS/Damage on Ceniza, and am taking steps to correct it.

Bottom line, for the last fight I was a poor showing of around 22K, place #13 in DPS, but...BUT...(insert squee here!) I did win Ti'tahk (how you do say that? Tic-Tac? Will it make my breath sweeter?). Now I really wanted the dagger, but beggar mages can't be choosy. I have some reforgining and regemming to do now, and I am really having fun with "her."
So off I go, to the jewelry store (Matty's JC Shoppe is open for business) and the reforgers, who are always eager to take my gold. Maybe there will be time to set the world on fire, too. Just to take that staff for a test run...

(Voice: Have you updated your checkbook? Look at that dust! Go for a walk! Sort your socks!)
(Matty: SKABOOM! Problem solved (smell of lighter fluid and sulfur).

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