Saturday, July 28, 2012

Game flossing.

These are still very dark times in Strathholme...

I told myself, and said it out loud, I would not play today, that I would try to live my life like I lived it before stepping toe and hoof into Azeroth. I am not sure that is something I can do. But it was strange, for the first time in weeks, I slept in. I had crazy-bucket dreams, filled with guilt, weirdness, and bad dancing. Don't ask. In the waking world, I have a mundane list of real things to achieve. And like the title of this post, which uses the word flossing, flossing is both necessary to long-term dental health and hygiene, but sometimes we're just too tired to remember to do it. Okay, maybe that's just me. None of you ever let plague or tartar build up, and every dental check-up is met with smiles and sighs from your dentist who knows he will not be getting much gold out of you.

Here are two things that may sucker me in, though, if I can just set a timer, get a few things done beforehand, and see what I can chip away at:

The Diplomat Title and the Argent Crusader.

Not paying any damn attention to anything, I didn't realize the last bit of Argent Dawn would be so quest-heavy. I made long-lasting friendships with the Sporeggar with flowers and fertilizer.

Here is what it is going to take to gain the glory with the Argent Dawn:

The Timbermaw is the other faction. Once I have these two, I have the last two exalted reputations for thirty, and two new titles.

This is how it's been lately, trying to kill five birds with one stone. And I keep missing them all, and going very hungry. Take yesterday for example. Lupe had decided she wants to change her protection paladin look from red to purple. She spent way too much on purple pants and blouse, and discovered the perfect sparkly shoulders from Serpentine to go with them. Okay - no more third person. I talked a guildmate from my raid team into going and another guildmate who is on Team 1. I can't quite put my finger on it, so I'll chalk it up to my current state of oversensitivity, but I got the feeling, perhaps from reading in between the lines of guild-chat too much, Team 1 guildy did not really want to be there. He needed to finish it, but...well. Let's just say he wanted to go play with the big kids more. My team 2 guildy and I were game, and I hope we try it another time. That last boss is tricky when you have full bags (a big fat DOH to me) and can't get the cores just at the critical moment. I know my shaman could have finished it, but whatever. The shoulders did not drop from the giant boss, but some pretty green plate ones did on a previous one, so perhaps Lupe will go green. Paladins are not known for their naturalism, but when life gives you green plate, make recycling cans I guess. That flipping oh man, when you die, it is a damn long ghost-walk of shame all the way back.

But this is where I want to say a hearty flip-off to Blizzard: Bear told me they were taking away "have group."

This makes me crazy coo-coo. Not only should they not take it away, they should give it to EVERYONE. Everyone should have the chance to play with anyone, anytime, anywhere, cross-realm, cross-town, or across the street if they choose. Blizzard, please, for God's sake, stop it with the social engineering experiments! You fixed something that needed fixing, don't break it again!!!
Potion of Illusion didn't work so hard this time...

I am starting to feel my blood pressure rise because of this possibility, so I think I'll go whack on some bones for a bit.


  1. Hey, Matty - Did you know that you can get Timbermaw rep really fast now? Like, Kerridwen got it while she was doing the quests in Felwood and Winterspring.

    Also, about those green shoulders. I made a set for those; but can I get them to drop? No....

    1. Isn't that always the way?! And thank you for the information, because right about now...the Argent Dawn is looking pretty dark...


  2. I did some real life yesterday and it was awful. I had to crawl inside a duvet cover with my mining hat on to see, to try to get the that frothy, tangled, ball of a duvet untwisted. It was a nightmare. I barely got out alive.

  3. Well I hope your WoW dentist is pleased with you now that you've flossed. All those gunky bits from between your wow teeth have been cleaned onto this post :)
    What does he mean taking away "have group?"

    1. Anonymous30.7.12

      The Guild Reward "Have Group, Will Travel" which will summon your entire party to your location, is getting yoinked when Mists goes live. Nevermind the GUILD frustration of that, but speaking from a perspective of someone who groups up cross-server ALL THE TIME, removing this feature is going to be a giant pain in the ass. The ONLY way this gets better is if you can finally cross-server summon people and that only seems likely if they move the summoning stone INSIDE the instance.

    2. I was kind of ranting about this in guild chat, and was told "It's only a game" and "calm down."

      First, I wasn't ranting that much, and second, it's one of those cases where players like you and who have thoroughly loved the cross-realm hijinx, which making us more social was Blizzard's intent, right?!? are going to be made to suffer, and I cannot fathom the reason. So yes, rant I shall: it is still my money that I earn to pay for this, and was really enjoying this feature, and cannot for the life of me figure out why they are changing it. I guess we were having too much fun. It goes back to what I said about bad game designers: when they stop asking "how to make it fun" and start asking "what can I make the player(s) do" we are in trouble.


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