Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Miss Crankypants


There once was a druid named Momokawa
And sometimes her healing was a tad sour
She mashed and chomp leaves
Kept potions and drinks up her sleeves
But decided to drop group for a flower

Momokawa needs a healing mace. What had dropped hundreds, it seems, of times for Zep, Matty, etc., never drops for Momo. If I am with a good group, doing good DPS, healing any and all current dungeons has not remotely been an issue. I saw that this group was in trouble the second the tank had the highest DPS/damage in Well of Eternity. The warrior stepped it up, but even at first I told them I would gladly go if they got in trouble again. After a wipe on trash, the tough trash before the horned devil satyr boss guy, before I even got a chance to say, "Okay, have a nice day," I got "FAIL HEALS." 

Hence, the "that is what I said" -- no "Hey, look at the rogue and mage doing under 18K, with Well buffs.....

So, yes, this made me a bit cranky on an already cranky spirit. I'm worried about some stuff (it happens from time to time, have a mighty worry gene that sometimes kicks in on overtime), and I just....want...that....damn....mace. Why?



Cause it's fun to throw leaves around. 
It's fun to hear "whoooosh!" 
It's fun to have green, or blue, or teal, or purple, or silver hair and face markings of a pretend tribe.
It's fun to wear feathers and leather and claws.
It's even fun to have man-hands and long ears.

I have horrible gear on this druid, and know I am scraping by on a wing and a prayer with this one. I was seriously thinking about finding the tank I wrote of several weeks ago who was so chivalrous - perhaps Momokawa should look him in her little black book and change realms, the one who told her what her name meant. But--no. That would be weird. If Momo was just a character, sure, but those humans misunderstand friendships sometimes. They think the wrong things, or make awkward assumptions. 

But little boy mages and girl out. I might get that mace and smack you over the head with it.

And you warrior ---

Dear readers, I do have a better, another grand story to tell, but it's in my mind right now, from an event that transpired yesterday. Be patient. Going to make myself some tea and read. Gotta get the crankies off of me.


  1. Poor Momo, I hope she gets her mace soon without having to endure more stinky groups.

    Oh no! You have the worry gene too. Sometimes beating things to death in game deflects it other times it's too strong to fight!

  2. Anonymous19.7.12

    There's a much better Mace in LFR.

    I know the horror stories of LFR, but so far I've been fortunate. I don't know if it's my battlegroup or what, but they haven't been terrible at all. Granted, aside from the Mace itself, Tum can't win a roll to save his dwarven soul...

  3. Oh, JD, I know, I know....those tales of her trying to get the mace are even more heartbreaking. Remember, you can only do those once a week, and only once for the Deathwing part...I know my healing gear, and it's bloody frustrating. I have tried every measure of non-cheating manipulation to get that mace since she dinged 85 weeks ago, and alas...I'm sure you read about the DK who yoinked gear from her, me getting so mad I made a character on his server to chastise him? It's damn frustrating.

    So...yeah. Much better mace in LFR? I know JD. I know. I was just trying in the meantime to go to Well, but every time I roll random dungeon I get the one with Thrall, so if I do specific dungeon I lose out on the Valor Points, a chance I was willing to take, but alas, got this instread.

    Good times.


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