Saturday, July 14, 2012

There's something about Mage-y

Maybe Ceniza needs some hair gel?
In a quick conversation the other day, kind GM said to me something about playing the character I want to play, and being happy, or some such nonsense. He is assuming, and not entirely incorrectly, that Mataoka is my main, forever and anon, amen. But as far as the higher level DPS characters I have, well, let's count them on one hand: One, Matty; Two: Ceniza.

*Addendum: oh yeah..the hunter, too. Sorry girl. You've been out in the wilderness incommunicado for a bit...

And I absolutely adore that fire mage.


I suck at it.

Like, bad. Like, what the hell? Like, *sob!*

I know my instant casts, my mirrors, my glyphs and my trees. I have been to Ask Mr. Robot, and his secretary asked me to leave a message. I went to the dummies and tried everything I could think of to make it go more BOOM and less OOM. I managed to reach....are you sitting down--12K. Now, I don't know what the hell is going on. I have done upwards of 29K in dungeons recently. I have great gear, and then tried to reconfigure some things to see if Tier LFR versus 397 items would better.

And, as I write this, open in another tab....yes....

The Elitist Jerks post on fire mages for 4.3.

I'm desperate.

Actually, I kid. I find EJ's information quite helpful.

I knew this already, but....but....but:

  • Excellent DPS Mobility. You can cast Scorch, Living Bomb, Pyroblast!, Blastwave and Flamestrike all on the run. Make sure you take maximum advantage of this, it's a key strength of a Fire Mage on movement heavy encounters. Always cast something while moving: while moving to position, while grouping up or spreading out, while avoiding boss mechanics, while kiting - even while mid-air after being knocked back. Just don't stop casting something!

    So those who know me now see the issue. I have a Ferrari shell with a Yugo engine. I just can't move my tail. I know my ABCs: Always Be Casting. I have tried Spellflash and Power Auras and so far the best add-on I have for her is Mogit. Now that's just sad.

    Maybe I just haven't been keeping my powder dry, or my tinder fluffy, because if Ceniza was on an episode of Survivor Man, she'd be eating a lot of raw fish. And she does not care for sushi. If any of ya'll have something you want to add, be my guest. I mean, the Elitist Jerks are great folks and all, but I also like advice from my friends, too.


    1. Unfortunately I have no advice. I am a noob. I play my mage as frost because... I'm lazy, I'm not in a group, I'm just levelling and I don't care what numbers I pull. I will watch this space so I can learn from you :)

    2. Sure wish I had advice but I don't. My little fire mage is level 18 and most of her spells backfire and leave her singed. I don't know if I'll ever get a mage to level cap, but since she's a Goblin I can't bear to delete her, lol.

    3. What gets me is I'll have a character who will be doing fine, and moments of even great, and then, not. I sense there are some things out of my control, too, like internet connection, or lag, or a gypsy curse. Or, one little change of equipment/gear vexes the whole thing, like too much salt in the soup. Can't take it out again without starting over (or the potato trick, okay, soup is a bad analogy)--salt in the cookie mix then. You know what I mean. I had a guildmate who has a fire mage look her over and then proceed to take about ten screen shots of his advice. The upshot is I have too much haste and not enough hit or something like that. It's also hard to know if the LFR Tier set and its bonus is better or has too many diminishing returns for the 397 vendor set. I am trying to do a solid spell rotation, and one piece of his advice, and he admitted to being counter-intuitive, was to start with a long pyroblast first to get stuff proccing and rocking.

      See how this makes me coo-coo-bananas? At a mage's core is fun--they are the party girls and boys of Azeroth, and I look forward to playing her more than just about anyone. Especially Momo in dungeons when the hunter is pulling 4-5K in an heroic and wonders why I am desperately trying to save the tank first. Ceniza's worth it, so I'll keep trying. /sigh


    Thank you for your comment!