Friday, July 13, 2012

Human Resources...

This post is more than about raiding or guild recruitment, because at its heart is what our time in Azeroth leads us to--finding folks we can, from a spectrum of tolerate to love--spend a few hours with common goals.

Many guilds have gone through some tumultuous transitions over the past year it seems. Players are growing up, have more personal real life responsibilities, and have found their time in game to be marred by over-serious, elitist nerd-ragers who take the acquisition of an epic sword more seriously than a friendship. If that is what you are seeking, read no further, please.

Through a friend I trust, he recommended me to Lost Soldiers of Darkness. The Guild Master is a good guy, too. I will try not to speak for him, but I see his goals as to get a second raiding team off the ground, and perhaps bolster the first raiding team. Last night as the first raiding team was in Dragon Soul, many achievements were announced in guild chat by DBM, such as Maybe He'll Get Dizzy. I know one guildmate has achieved the legendary rogue daggers, and they seem to be a fairly tight group. As we move to the Mists expansion, I believe they are seeking what I am--I want to get in with a group to raid with, because, well, I do like raiding. And I feel if I nurture this now, by the time Mists comes out, I'll be in a position to meet some new game challenges.

This begs the question: why play at all?

Many players have been feeling this. For me, I still really like it, and am not at the burn-out stage many players are. I am in my real job, but I know what I can do to fix it: take a break, get a change of scenery, do something new, etc. But I know that the people I work with whom I adore will be there to get the smell of burnt sugar out of my metaphorical nose. It was sweet, and then...too much.

That was a big brain dump for this: If you want to join LSofD, on our second raiding team, we really need a Bear/DK tank, and a Druid healer. We are Alliance. We are on Whisperwind. At the moment, we have me, an enh/resto shaman, our GM is our protection paladin, we have the cutest little gnome warlock (but glad he's on our side), a priest healer, rogue, hunter, and so forth. Lothair has a much clearer vision of the raid composition than I do, so if you have a mage, or some other character, it never hurts to let him know. We are borrowing from alts and other teammates, so we officially began this past Wednesday. We plan on raiding Mondays/Wednesday 7:30PM server time.

Here is ultimately what I am offering: If you want to raid with punctuality, fun, and respect, join us. If you are a growth-mind set kind of thinker, do your homework, and can listen to instructions, join us. If you want to hang out with the most beautiful shaman in all of Azeroth, join us.

We do not expect this:

"Eye Contact Expert"

Start a little character on Whisperwind and send me a letter, and/or visit Lost Soldiers of Darkness' website. Asshats need not apply. Make this game yours again. That's my plan.


  1. OMG! Matty, you are so brave putting your real life picture up like that!

    1. Well, it was time to bare it all, get this off my chest, and not be fake about anything....

      (oh my god I spit out my coffee Tome)


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