Saturday, July 7, 2012

Preparation: H

"H" for heroic?

"H" for hope?

"H" for human resources?

"H" for help!

Some redemption is on the horizon--

Guild Master and his trusty druid recruitment head-hunterhave managed to put together our Team 2, first official raiding night is this Wednesday. But--I am nervous, and not for reasons you may believe.

Just need this Thermos, and this chair...and
Every so often, something weird happens - there must be, absolutely, positively, logical reasons, but every so often, my gameplay is completely sideways. If I move my character to zig, she zags, it is all wonky and damn frustrating. Hard to hold my own in DPS/damage when I can't reach the target. Imagine going to an archery contest and you bring a bowling ball. That's how bad it is. I wouldn't have been embarrassed except I did a guild run this afternoon for Bare-ly Made It, and I was third in DPS. Unacceptable, shaman. Turn in your maelstrom weapons and leave your shield at the door. I was relieved to finally save the last poor troll, although I did not win the bear mount, the lovely priest guildie who did needed it, purportedly having a bad week.*

I asked for some advice, and young leet druid tells me "It's something you did." Clearly. Ask another esteemed player, and he suggested cleaning off the debris from my mouse and mouse area. Debris? Not on my watch, sir, but clean it I will, and did. And will again. Recently I added Bartender, Quartz, and Tidy Plates to my add-ons, and of course DBM, and got rid of most everything else.

But--need NPC scan. And of course, Postal. Atlas Loot? Yes please. And don't forget Mogit!

We all have shit weeks. As my real-life friends know, I certainly have had my share recently, but everyone does. Everyone. A bear mount, or the weapon, or the pixelized boons are amazing. I suspect my guildmates have much more going on behind the scenes than they let on, and what I really hope I bring to the table is a good person to work with, and demonstrate patience, as I hope they do me, too. I think this is a great time to start a team, going into the expansion when all is new.

Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone who is responsible for hiring what many would consider their "dream job." He said one question that always stumps interviewees is the "What do you see yourself doing in five years?" question. They come prepared to talk about their skill sets, but rarely have they imagined what life might be like for them if they do get this 'dream job.' If they mention anything that is outside the company's mission, work, and philosophy, he knows it may not be a good fit. During the recruiting process, many potential candidates balked at having to fill out an application. I must admit I kind of did, maybe a little bit too, because it feels dismissive at first. I remember looking for work, going into place after place, being handed an application, enough to make a flotilla of origami boats, and knowing that the time and energy would most likely go in the trash. Yes, trash people - not even recycling. I told you I was 103 years old. I have always hated the "five year" question, too. How the hell should I know?! Life is too damn interesting to think a hundred things may or may not happen! Now I realize how pivotal that question can be. I am not thinking in terms of raiding, guilds, or game, but in terms of my own professional and personal growth. As far as the game goes, I'll think in shorter more internet-friendly realms of time --how about five months?

Well, pray a little technology prayer that I can fix my screwy play. Maybe it's as simple as a new mouse pad and change of batteries.

In the meantime, I hope I can finish this:

These were accomplished from May 1-May 15, 2011
I think I spotted a Hero on the horizon, and he looks like a Bear.


  1. I wish I could offer advice but dps is not my strong suit. But if I see you on raiding I will be cheering and waving pom poms.

  2. Sorry for your stupid week, I hate those. Read about the BBB runs, you should be a glorious Icecrown raider in no time!

    I hated that question and since I have no sense of self-preservation I would actually say how the hell would I know, I want to be surprised. It's why I work for me now.

    Had annoying mouse hanging problems while working and got a SteelSeries gaming mouse pad which is wonderful as long as I remember to give it a bath once in a while.

  3. Thanks Misses Tome and Navi! I can do fine on DPS when my damn mechanics, the real nuts and bolts, are working. It's those other bloody factors that drive me nuts. But I do not think like a computer, so oh well. Just muddle through as always.

    I know this may seem silly, but the mosaic of the leaves in that screen shot is pretty to me - kind of a happy accident--:) If I can get away from my alts for a bit and FOCUSMAGICMATTY I wlll be okay.

  4. Anonymous14.7.12

    Hrm...I know a certain Dwarven Healer that might be able to help with that last picture...

    1. Hrrmm.....what I really want is for you and/or Mrs. Amateur to come to Whisperwind....


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