Monday, July 16, 2012

What is going on here!?

...did you ever come across a tableau or scene in Azeroth and think to yourself, "What the crimminny-jim-jam is going on here?!"

Mine usually have to do with cultists behaving badly, up to some wizardry or brain-washing duties, sorting the personalities by colors: Wash the chipper ones in hot water, the taciturn ones in cold...

My question to you: What have you come across that you said, "This does not seem right?"


  1. Anonymous17.7.12

    The first time I came across Milhouse Manastorm in The Burning Crusade. What I knew of Gnomes, no one ever "captured" one. They were almost always disposed of.

    It's like when the main character stumbles across an innocent looking child in a horror movie.

    1. Little Noah is kind of a Village of the Damned kid for!

  2. I have never gotten over the feeling that if I'm stealthy enough I will catch NPCs taking a break. It hasn't happened yet but I'm not giving up, it may come to pass yet.

    There's a quest in Hillsbrad for Horde that is the biggest ??? for me. Do the Right Thing. OMG! Who thought that up! Twisted!

    1. During archeology, I took a screenshot of three NPCs - two female and one male Night Elf. I sensed some tension in the trio--as soon as I showed up, one moved away and walked back to her spot. I wish I could remember where I put it...

      ...and that quest intrigues me! Now time to go check out one of my Horde alts...

    2. Anonymous17.7.12

      Oh you mean the one with the shovel. That quest is so disturbing. Matty, only do it at your own risk!

      Also, I remember these two guards at Light's Hope Chapel, they were a couple that walked side by side, back and forth in a line. But they were scripted wrong, so when they got to the end, one of them would simple turn around, while the other in super high speed rushed to the other side of the other NPC guard and then they would walk slowly down their track againm pretending all was normal. I guess one of the guards was told to always walk on the left side, so that poor guard did what he was told. It looked really silly, I had a laugh. They are gone now though.

    3. Okay, to use a Yank term, I feel like I've just been "double-dog-dared" to do this. What canines have to do with gambling and bravery, I do not know!

      There's a shovel...? I am intrigued! And that Light's Hope one sounds so funny, like you may have had to blink to see if you were seeing things!


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