Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quirky girls.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, and perhaps subconsciously left both my Kindle and cell phone at home. Thank goodness the truck's tenuous transmission kept it together, otherwise I would have been in trouble. No way to call a tow-truck, and nothing to read until it showed up.

But I did remember my notebook and some pens. You know, with ink. Sorry, trees. I'm sorry. But sometimes paper is the way to go. Although watching How It's Made the other day (which is like cat-TV for men) there was an episode on how they make wooden golf tees--large pines fed to the shredder to make thousands of little golf tees. I think golfers should go back to the days of setting up little piles of dirt or sand. Seems only fair.

Back to my notes.

I have little-known facts about my Azerothian characters I'd like to share with you, with the understanding you will share something about one of your characters with me, too. This is kind of like an ice-breaker game where you have a roomful of folks, and keep asking questions to drill-down to those who have the most or least in common. For example, stand up if you have siblings to stand up if you have ever eaten a bug...those sorts of things.

Mataoka is desperately trying to work on her PhD in archeology, and loves to watch B-horror films on rainy Saturday afternoons. She is also left-handed, which is partially to blame for her lower than expected damage per second scores. Most axes are made for righties.

Ceniza donates 90%of her funds to charities, and is quite the philanthropic lady, in spite of the fact she likes to blow stuff up most of the time. She believes all proper mages should be excellent cooks, and is spending the summer in culinary schools around Azeroth, sampling as much of the local fare as she can and still fit into those stockings.
Haanta secretly wishes she could just be a healer, but decided being a Beast Master will be the next best thing, and heal animals around Azeroth. She belongs to both the National Bow Society of Azeroth, a right-wing faction of armed citizens, as well as DEHTA: this internal paradox is conflicting, but as a hunter, she knows the care of animals and culling of herds is not mutually exclusive.
Luperci's secret loves include reading historical fiction, Gothic romances, and making snowplum pies. She is planning on tank training over the summer. 

Zeptepi is lactose-intolerant and secretly wishes she were a warlock most days. The two have nothing to do with one another. Little known fact is while she enjoys healthy theological discussions, she would just as soon watch the Jerry Springer show some days and eat Rice Krispie treats.
Momokawa is a young druid, and a staunch vegetarian. This has proved difficult to maintain in Azeroth, as much of the diet consists of fish or other animal products. She vowed to never eat anything with a 'face or family,' but has had to relinquish her promise for spirit-fish. She does love to drink, not to excess, and she loves natural highs, too. She has a big girl-crush on Mylune.


  1. Let's see, I have no siblings and I've eaten a bug, a caterpillar ... oh you didn't mean me.

    I did notice that Sasche the Warlock has a book entitled "How to Build your own Chopper for Less Than 50 Gold" in her backpack. I don't know if she's planning on changing professions. Oh, and she won't eat red meat, well, she won't eat it if it's cooked.

    1. I hope Sasche plans on sharing that information with one of her fellow warlocks on the Whisperwind realm...will she work for uncooked clefthoof steaks?

  2. Such diverse little personalities! I must remember these things when I talk to your girls.

    1. Where is your little-known secret? We know you have green eyes and love rats...and alts? Fuggidaboutit.


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