Sunday, July 15, 2012

Honorable Mention...

Are you lolzlistening?

Well, shucks, no one hit the positive button on my story on the Movella site, but that's cool. The winners are here, so check them out!

Not sure I'm going to participate in writing contests anymore--not a sour grapes statement, but felt kind of awkward for me. Not sure why. Let me think about that.

Navi's Twister Nether Podcast: Just perfect!

I must say, one thing that kind of irked me was how many times the podcaster used the word "boring." I am of the philosophy that only boring people get bored*, or when we do find ourselves in the position of boredom, that's life's way of telling us to shake it up, be spontaneous, or make something our own. It's our Play-Doh. There is the "there's nothing to do" debuff which has affected a lot of players. Which leads me back to movella....

...I love to write, but writing for that contest kind of sucked the life out of me. When I put my stuff up against some other writers, better, worse, different, etc., it just didn't work for me. I am not sure I am qualified to speak about this without sounding whining, but-- well, it kind of goes against a personal philosophy of mine. I celebrate writers of all skills, and am more interested in "raising all boats" or something like that than sinking them...I want all the little boats to float, and help my own writing and others be stronger, better, and reach for clarity. I realized later there was a major plot hole that got left in that story, and like the quote:

“In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” 
 William Faulkner

I should have killed that story, perhaps.

The point is, Azeroth of late in terms of narratives has been mirages lately, and not many oasis. But that's my problem, not anyone else's.

Someone who is not boring, and keeps me continually inspired is Navi.

And Navi, I know it took you a long time to get the sea pony...but remember all the cool things you do have? I'll put myself in a portable fish tank and follow you around if you'd like!

The DBM thing, actually, it's not cheating, because even with it, it doesn't work. Those carnies are cheats, not us innocent players.

And I have never heard of anyone complaining about Fourth-of-July fireworks conflicting with raid schedules. Maybe I'll just stay a noob after all.

So, note to self: Stay open to being surprised. Stay open to a new experiences. Stay---thirsty, my friends? Uh....

*And like Navi, not trying to offend anyone--everyone can get the boredom debuff. Maybe I'll take up belly-dancing or Thai cooking.

Or maybe I'll go write something.


  1. As a child, all I ever heard from my parents if I even dared look bored was... "only the boring get bored" :)

    It was a remarkable deterrent.

    1. It truly is -- because I am sure you are like me, and to be called "boring" is a grave insult. And can result in heaps of chores...!

    2. Agreed! What's that saying about idle hands?

  2. Anonymous15.7.12

    I find there's still a lot to do in the game but if it's farming or camping a rare/mount etc, that can be boring. I still do it though because I try and focus on the end result.

    Navi sure has a lot of fans though.

    1. It's a tough balance between a goal and a grind, and too cliche to say it's about the journey! I was just glad to hear her and the correct pronunciation of your lovely name - I was saying it "Ky-mree." Doh! Starting to feel that bit of fatigue, too...must admit....maybe I just need a nap.

  3. I felt kind of bad, I went and read the stories of the people I know and then forgot to go back and see how voting was done. Pretty selfish, read the stories and then off I went, geez.

    I averted a boring today by not visiting those stupid Orgri'la. They are so demanding! I did not do their bidding today!

    1. Considering I posted it at the 11th hour, and I know you read it here, that is truly all that matters to me, for real and true. Here it feels like a gift - a competition, well, somehow that feels like a gift with the tags left on...not that they're bad, not at all --how else are we going to be able to read great stuff for free? No guilt, Tome - and those ogres...I adore them. They seem to like me, too, so perhaps it's time I made it official with them. What would one get a Draenei/Orgre engagement? Towels seem too obvious...

    2. Definitely matching nose rings I think!

  4. Where is my comment! I swear replying from my phone is more trouble than its worth.
    I wanted to say thank you for the kind words from all my friends. It is overwhelming. And just because you didn't place does that mean you're no good? Of course not. You wanted to write, you did, and you should be proud. Erinys and I both wrote a few pieces send I can't speak for her but I don't mind not playing. You only need a few to read your words to be a hit. And I know plenty of people who read you! And I think you're brilliant and witty, creative and compassionate and maybe I am just that little bit selfish wanting to keep all your greatness as my worst kept secret :)

    1. Oh BIG hug my gorgeous friend! That was kind of the point -if you, Tome, Erinys, and anyone else likes me little scribblings, i am completely honored. It's our circle. I honestly didn't think anyone would read it on movella--those venues are great and I'm glad they are there, just not sure they're for me right now. Ain't no thang.

      Now I'm thinking about wedding registries and nose damn funny!


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