Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And they look like sneakers.

Having entirely too much fun with transmog. Don't even want to look at the Bank of Tanaris credit card bill--those goblins charge 204.5% interest, compounded daily. Little bastards. Anyway, it's not like we weren't asking for this, the freedom to change our look, control more of our world. And do these leggings make my tail look fat?

Don't answer that.

I knew Blackwing Lair had the goods, but didn't really know how good (gotz to get me one of these);

And, buddy from RWS has put together a completely charming blog dedicated to transmogrification:

Ruby's Riches:

Still not completely satisfied with Zeptepi, don't know if I really want to go angel or devil with her. Oh, and Vuuk, I did take your advice and tried Healbot in a battleground. The sad thing was I left my little gnome buddy behind (wrong button pushing failure), so had to make up for it with a Leap of Faith.

Theme song: Vans/The Pack*
(clean version)

*Already used this one I think: Devil with a Blue Dress On/Mitch Ryder

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