Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everything's better with Yog.

We've all been to the fair, but somehow, with the gents from Yogscast narrating, the salty seadogs and beer taste a little better, and the games a bit more fun. Best line "...that guy there was pooed out...."

I am ashamed to admit I did not read the debuff message until yesterday and had been hitting babies all along. What are babies doing popping out of barrels anyway? 

And, I did the numbers, and it looks like I won't be getting my bear this time around--I refuse to spend 10K gold on the last 10-ticket item (the Treatise thingy), and the daily games won't add up to enough. This makes me sad. A sad bear. A sad dancing Darkmoon Faire bear. Haven't fished up my Sea Pony pet either, which took my warlock friend about an hour. I've spent about two, or perhaps more, so far. Over-fishing the oceans is a problem, and the buckets of chum I've caught are starting to smell.

The party is over, for now. Back to a routine, back to reality, back to whatever. If you have an extra Treatise lying about, consider giving it to your favorite enhancement shaman. She really wants that damn bear.

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  1. What's funny about the 10k comment is as if I even had it...


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