Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drabble: Salteye

The grandfather clock bolted down the house, a sturdy coffin nail keeping everyone in his or her place. She had never felt such limbo or restlessness. She never asked for him to go, but she knew he wasn’t coming back. Her eyes ached when she closed them. Earlier, waiting on the docks, she encountered a warrior. He looked like a clown: dressed in a garish sweater, and his funny fishing gear. Noticing her, he showed off his charming, but squeaky shy turtle mount, which hid from her, blushing. He tipped his fishing cap to her, and went on his way. 

Theme song: Madeleine Peyroux/J'ai Deux Amours
(Can't you just see the couple in the middle of the dance floor who can't keep their eyes off each other?)

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