Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reuse, recycle, and ...runes?

Zeptepi in spellcloth...if the glass slipper fits, wear it...

What is the third "r?" ...oh! REDUCE!

It's "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle."

Well--transmogrification has brought many things, and I would suspect Blizz knew of this emergent behavior:

1. Zep sees dress on Auction House
2. Zep wants dress on AH
3. Zep can't afford dress on AH
4. Zep looks through tailoring recipes and realizes she can make it herself she does.

BUT --

It requires Demonic Runes.

This takes some research.

Long story short -- those runes drop from demonic satyrs in Dire Maul*, well, that's the most prevalent place. Satyrs running around all demon-like, partying like it's 999.

Two runs later, six soul-bound runes are obtained, dress made (along with the hoarded runecloth, etc.), and one put on the auction house and one sent to Ceniza.

This is it: so many "new" things in game are recycled --which is great. Why not put your leather-wearer in level 20 gear? Why not dress your druid in feathers and snakeskin? It is great to be able to use things learned along the way, and then have the skills and time to go do them. Master, indeed!

The point is, I just spent a few hours looking for runes, thread, trying on dresses, er, robes, in the dressing room, zapping demons, and just doing silly things. All along, I chatted in real life, in virtual life, and enjoyed my time.

The REAL point is: I was in this dungeon with my very dear friend, levels ago, on my healer. He's the first one who said, "You're a great healer" to me, and it heartened and encouraged me. Gracias, Señor - you make me happy every time I get a chance to talk to you. What a great friend you are, indeed.

And it was all worth it, and saved Azeroth some precious resources, too.

Bowing before a paladin in Stormwind, he smiled, appreciating the beauty and effort...all worth it. 

*east side, by the way

Theme song: Deep Purple/Demon's Eye:

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