Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sticks, kitty-cats, and s'more pie: Any questions?

Three, no...four...of some of my favorite friends (who just happen to be men) in game, and without, are cat owners. My own cat betrayed me years ago, and we had to part ways, but every now in then, though I swore, vowed, to never own a cat again, this feeling creeps over me, soft as a whisker, that I need a cat in my life. Granted, the cat doesn't need me.

I mention this because I wonder if there's a pattern. The women players I know are 'dog people.' Interesting. Random, but interesting. There's something there.

Anyway, was going to take the night off, and for the most part, I did. An officer from my 'new' guild whispered me (when I was seeing if my level 23 warrior still had mail), asking if I wanted to go to Firelands. Not especially. But, another officer was looking for a healer, so asked if I could bring Zep, with the understanding that though I had been there many times as dps, never as a healer.


This is not a criticism for the raid leader--just one of those guys who must be an engineer IRL, who is very starched and direct. He tried to keep his patience and say before every fight if anyone had questions. All I could say is a reminder that though I knew the fights, healing them is a different thing.

And let me offer this insight about "questions." I am an expert on questions. Seriously. I am. I know how  the human mind thinks, learns, and uses the taxonomy of critical thinking skills. Yea, me. And no one on the planet has reflective questions before they have attempted something. It is impossible. Getting a wall of information and then asking, "Any questions?" is an exercise in futillity. Questions come after practice, and in the reflective process.

Anyway, lately have been feeling kind of happy and a little...there has got to be a word when you're not sad, or even melancholy, just a little...just kind of miss people. The experience with this new raid leader really made me miss my old guild master's style, which he has in abundance. I have never had an issue with him, though there are those who certainly do. I was already kind of feeling nostalgic (there's the word!) for some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and also because I am missing my muse. Big time. About a year or so ago was starting to write my little heart out, and now, kind of feel like I lost my creative bookmark. I'll find my place again.

Anyway, asked Xak if he knew of a spell to get sticks out of a**es from dour players. If anyone does, he would. And though we got up to Rag, but didn't get him down, at least I got that far on Zep. Now I am just going to jump into LFR, and the heck with it. But the whole experience was wholly without humor, mirth, or, dare I say it, joy? The asking the question, "Are there any questions?" in a slightly louder voice does not mean all of a sudden we all 'get it' and will be perfect. I feel that there is a presumption of stupidity. But if LFR is truly about getting gear and valor points, like being in a sexless, loveless marriage, then fine. I don't have to stand in fire with people who don't love me. And I am infinitely lovable.

What does s'more pie have to do with it? Bought some over the weekend. It's really good. It has fudge-y chocolate, whipped cream, graham cracker crust with little Hershey bars, and tiny graham cracker teddy bear cookies sprinkled on top. I had a tiny piece. It was delicious.

The little cookies in the upper right hand corner are the kind that were sprinkled on the pie.

I will pretend I have a cat, purring and sleeping in the next room, and enjoy my pie buff. Surely this is the best way to get a stick out of one's tail.

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Pink Floyd/Wish You Were Here

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