Sunday, January 29, 2012

Human condition.

Cyrme from Bubbles of Mischief has a fantastic, educational, informative, and articulate blog (all things I am not) where she's covered everything that is superlative about Azeroth. 

She's probably covered this concept, too, and any more insight she has would be well received.

One thing that keeps the Well of Eternity from running dry is not the limp Illidan dialogue, but the fact that for a short while (if all goes well with the Queen Azshara fight) I get to be a Night Elf instead of a Draenei for a bit. Though the good designers draw me with two green puffy ponytails that resemble overzealous-chlorophyll-blasted ferns, I still get to do aerial somersaults with the greatest of ease, a feat I can't do on my other, hooves.

Now that I'm leveling up Ceniza the Cindergirl, I went into Escape from Durnholde.  I went from fuchsia-haired Night Elf to a blonde hottie, and we all know how gentlemen prefer blondes. I asked what happens to Taretha, and it's not pretty, however.

But now I'm back to my raspberry-roots and jumpy-jump skills.


  1. Appreciate the mention Matty :)

    I also like turning into a NE for the instance. Esp. when I get the curly plaits. In Old Hillsbrad I usually look like a dark skinned grey haired woman. I don't mind the tan but I don't wish to have a full head of grey hair before I need to :P

  2. My shaman gets turned into a 'soccer mom' when she goes in there, so I get it. Just pretend you're a wealthy retiree from Florida, and I'll get the keys to the minivan. I have issues with hair style and color choices anyway, but perhaps that is another post. I am told many times about how difficult it is to model hair, I get that. What I'd like to see are some updated looks. For instance, I think the headbands on the long Draenei hair could be different colors to match our newly transmogged outfits: is that too much to ask for? :)

  3. Anonymous30.1.12

    Now that is interesting. The human female you turned into while helping out Thrall is quite different than the one my Druid turns into.

    Why can't we all turn into a blond hottie! Huh, just for a little while?


    1. At least it is consistent...this was my nicest surprise by far. Sigh...if only!


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