Here are a few useful tips for the sort of incompetent LFR tanks you see from time to time, that will make for a smoother run for everyone, including yourself, if you don't care whatsoever about what you're doing:

1. If you plan on never taunting on Morchok whatsoever, let the healers know ahead of time so that they can take it into consideration that you're being a worthless drain on their resources and they can expect to spend unnecessary throughput on healing the tank actually doing something.

2. Warlord Zon'ozz is a single tank fight. The numbers that you see DBM counting up are stacks on the boss, not stacks on the other tank. Taunting it off randomly does not contribute to the raid in any appreciable way. If you are not tanking the boss, make yourself useful and go play with the ball instead of confusing everyone.

3. If you don't plan on taunting Yor'sahj at 3 stacks, see #1.

4. On Hagara, if you're contributing nothing to the encounter other than hitting the boss, don't suddenly decide you're going to do something by taunting the add to the middle of nowhere during the lightning-conducting phase.

5. Nothing much to say about Ultraxxion, because you're going to die anyway and get multiple brez's because you can't handle timing hitting the button. The top threat dps'er is going to take a few hits while the tank actually doing work is out of the Twilight Realm.

6. On Warmaster Blackhorn, picking up the same add over and over will burden you and the other tank with an unnecessary level of stacking debuff. PRO TIP!: alternate which side add you're taunting. When phase 2 happens, taunting randomly when you still have the Sunder Armor debuff will not win you any friends.

7. On Spine of Deathwing, just pick up Bloods and let the grown-ups worry about the mechanics.

8. On Madness of Deathwing, if you do not taunt after impale, you're probably going to get kicked after the wipe.