Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dragon Lady.

The Lunar New Year in the "real" world began on January 23. This is the astrological year of the dragon. *They* say that those who are dragons always know they are dragons. *cough*

Maleficent gets her rage on...

For the record, I am sure this is not an original idea. But perhaps the more voices join in the chorus, the sweeter the song?
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder looks at Matty as if she is an insect, or maybe she didn't get any tokens on that last LFR run.

Last summer, I was thinking that it would be *sho kewl* if there was another heroic class like Death Knights; but, what could it be? So many fantastical forms already existed: Draenei, Dwarfs, Forsaken, Trolls, Tauren, Night and Blood Elves, Goblins, Gnomes, and Humans. Did I forget anyone? Oh, Orcs. My pardon. But perhaps instead of taking existing races and creating a "class" such as knights, maybe another race altogether, or perhaps a way to alter a race into: DRAGONS!

Alexstrasza thinks Matty may be on to something...
It's all right there: you could choose to have powers of time, magic, dreams, earth, life, and don't forget great physical strength and beauty. And a rockin' hot body: I am convinced this one player would have left her real-life husband for Kalecgos.

Do a search for cosplay-ysera-sexy-dragons, and it will lead you to some interesting sites (still trying to figure out what "cleavages" are. Holy Bra Strap, Batman!). This one is from Deviantart-exquisite costume.

Nozdormu, Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Kalecgos (Matty popped her wolves in her excitement)

For an easy read, and most everything you need to know about the dragon aspects, go to this wowpedia post.

This is just a sketch of an idea, but think about it: whichever dragon aspect you choose those would be your special skills, physical form, and talents. One design issue or question is, "do you turn into a big hulking dragon and can't fit in the instance?" I don't think that's necessary. However, you get the special perk of being able to turn into a dragon as your first mount, similar to the Vial of Sands, similar to as other classes get their specialty mounts. (Shamans have to hoof it or hitch-hike, like a bum.)

The devil's advocates would come up with other arguments, too, as to why we players can't be dragons, but the obvious argument is every one will want to be one, and the next thing you know, all of Azeroth will be overridden by dragons. Well, to that, I have heard the same thing about Blood Elves, Draenei, and Worgens. Oh, my. A world dominated by panda bears is perfectly logical, I guess. (I cannot help but think of Club Penguin every time I think of MoP.) Yes, I will most likely start a panda, but like my worgen, she may not get much play, unless my friend and I goof off together. I don't see either of us taking it too seriously.

But dragons...come on...the possibilities!

Link: Disney homage to animated dragons.

Postscript: I always thought Deathwing's jaw reminded me too much of this:

Here, thought you needed some eye candy to wash the Pete the Dragon image out of your mind:
Daenerys by Teilku

Theme song: How to Train Your Dragon/Forbidden Friendship

*Yes, you inferred correctly. I am 12.


  1. Anonymous28.1.12

    Dragons would be sooooo kewl! I can't believe Blizzard isn't employing all us blogger idea people, really.


    1. Cymre did these dragon aspects justice - I just saw her posts today. Much more in-depth than I was willing to go (I am a tired little draenei girl, Tome...)

      She has covered them all with beautiful descriptions and shots.

  2. I like that picture of Daenerys.

  3. Me too - a colleague gave me the calendar of GOT, but the Daenerys art is way too "California Valley Girl" for me, like the artist pulled some random sophomore out of high school. That depiction is kind of impish, but nice. The actress they cast is pretty amazing, too!


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