Sunday, January 15, 2012

Faithful companions.

Recently, my sweet friend and I joked about changing the name of our little cabin guild. The one we wanted was not available, (something to do with beer), but if I could, my guild name would be "Unfinished Business," because damn, not everyone can check off all the boxes of their bucket lists. He was not as amused by it as I.

Saw this image in Reddit recently: "Been Clean Three Years."

And while I hum Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' to myself, (not quite ready to quit you yet, Matty), I am considering changing things up a bit. Not quite sure what...but perhaps that is a post for another day.

But as far as pets are concerned, this is one time-sucker I don't feel compelled to do. In their RP modes, my characters have their faithful companions, their signature pet, so to speak. The only character who will continue purposefully to collect pets (unless they just follow her home) will be Mataoka. She is on a mission to collect every amphibian and urisidae, and like I said, if other species just follow her home, she'll find a spot for them.

The amphibian love comes from the fact that many players scoff at her offers to hex things, so she's been forced to bring along her own frog or toad, and sneak a kiss or two, because a girl just never knows...
Mojo is always good for some sugar!

Jubling, Jr., adopted from the Darkmoon Faire

Do not underestimate the meanness of this squirrel - he's packing nuts and not afraid to use them.

Hyjal Bear Cub-awww!

Tree Frog, kind of shy

Baby elephant Matty would like to rescue...

Dun Morogh cub Matty got for only 400g--worth twice the price (and yes, too lazy to do the quest)

Luperci and her Worg pup...

Ceniza and her Murkablo, named Antiguo Amor.

Antiguo shows off his mad fire skills....
Zep rides alongside her feline of the coolest pets in Azeroth.

So, each of my characters has a pet that is theirs. No need to 'collect 'em all' for those girls.

Joystiq put together this article about vanity pets:

Theme song: Never Let You Go/Third Eye Blind

Feeling in a post-punk hipster mood? My Friend Goo/Sonic Youth

And of course, F**** dog has f****** papers.

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