Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Red flag.

This past week was an unexpected "vacation" as I have ever needed, but that description and reflection will go on my professional blog, not my escape-hatch sugar blog. So, yesterday, as I was sitting in Starbucks (I found a nice lady to watch my computer while I ran to the bathroom and got lunch, because I know you were worried), I got a message that my Internet was on! Hoozah! Maybe, just maybe I could run through seven new dungeons between then and the time dinner was to be made. What could go wrong?

With the help of a trusty guild-mate, a healer, we got through the first four without many issues, save for a few potholes, and I think I broke an axle or two.

In the Jaina fight, apparently there are these blistering fire thingies that pop up, and if a ranged dps'er doesn't stand on them, they explode, and do a lot of damage to everyone. I swear, in the grinding I have done on those on a melee, tank, and healer, I never once noticed them. I have never been in a group that wiped on the Jaina fight (she tries to be all bad-ass, but really, just can't pull it off), until yesterday.

Also, I am struggling against some bigotry. Yes. I said it. I confess. Aggro & Casters* seem to be the issue with these dungeons, which are the worse issues besides really bad dialogue. We got Well of Eternity a few times, and that damn Queen Azshara fight. After dinner, ran two of these and for some ungodly reason adds kept killing my healer. I have no idea why. I taunted, I beat down, I grabbed, sweet-talked and cried. Nothing seemed to work. In my defense, all I could say to her in Vent was that she had witnessed me tanking it just fine earlier, and I just couldn't figure out what went wrong. 

The Youtube Video from OMFG wouldn't embed, but here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DF-ALycXVww

The bigotry, oh yes. That is with some mages and warlocks who get upset at the Hour of Twilight dungeon. I cheered every time this one popped up, because it is a cake-walk for tanks. Not so casters in the rogue fight.

To quote: Thrall will help during the encounter by putting up the same totems he's been using in the preceding trash gauntlet, so whenever possible, your party members should stand in a totem range. When she's low on health, Asira will put up a Blade Barrier. To lift it, she needs to be hit by an attack that deals more than 30000 damage, so save a cooldown for this if your party has low damage output. 
I will concede one point, and that is I should 'back out more slowly' from her smoke bombs. GTFO--you are not my master! No! I will not succumb to your blaring sirens and run out of smoke all crazy-like so that a mage or warlock can show off his numbers. I know that dps players are all about the numbers, numbers, numbers, but in truth, by the time I get to my sixth heroic in as many hours, frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn. Shut your pie hole and let's move on. The bias comes in because I have noticed a generality, that mages and warlocks tend to, well, let's just say put in a complaint in the RNG Suggestion Box more often than not. One dungeon two DKs hit over 59-62K regularly, and they didn't complain.

Regardless, whatever. 

Luperci got some hot new gear, made of thorium. (Apparently the Thorium Brothers don't waste a lot of materials on straps and frills.)

Exarch Orelis looks on in admiration...

Moral of the story: If you're going to wipe, at least look good while doing it. And, I capped out my Valor Points. You're not the boss of me, stupid Comcast!

Postscript: methinks I thought of another great guild name...


  1. Anonymous24.1.12

    Whew, I'm glad to hear you're back online. And it scares me to see it was Comcast.

    And your girls look marvelous in their finery.

    1. Gracias Tome...I have many issues with Comcast, mostly that there are no other comparable options....but perhaps that is an issue I need to take up with Exarch Orelis, um I mean my congresswoman. Ruby's generosity blew me away: nothing like a pretty dress to ease the pain of sore wrists from tenancious tanking!


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