Monday, January 16, 2012


Next time I will use a storyboard, promise. This is awful, but it's just a hair over a minute, and the song is  solid.


  1. Anonymous17.1.12

    The song is indeed solid, thanks for that! Seeing this has given me a push. Must complete the video I kind of dropped and get it posted.

  2. You do realize now that we may need to join production companies for future mega-media projects? I am going to redo this one and do more. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. And I said I was going to be the Ed Wood of WoW short films - soldiers scaring all the buffalo? Octopus? Spaceships?!

  4. Mugician1321.1.12

    Oh, man... Sifl & Ollie bloodydamn well ROCK!

    Your video was pretty cool, too. ;)

  5. Thanks Mugician! I am thinking that watching a Night Elf female dance is a treat for one and all. She performs for bar mitzvahs, too.


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