Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let me tell you a little story...

1. See that Tome has recommended me to Big Bear. Humbled, terrified, etc.
2. Have no Internet at home.
3. But, scroll through posts on phone to see what he might be reading
4. Read "Happy New Year Imbecil"
5. See a HUGE typo
7. Throw on clothes, get keys, spend next 30 minutes driving around crazed marmosets just leaving their burrows to congregate at every McDonald's, Starbucks, and library in a 20 mile radius
8. Find wi-fi in school parking lot
9. Log in, get booted off, log on again
10. Fix typo
11. Breath relief
12. Turn on heater in car because I forgot to put on socks.

Theme song: Treat Her Right/The Commitments


  1. Most. Hilarious. Post. Ever.

    You love your typos too? I was just looking to see if my story posts on the sidebar like, still worked, and what do I find? The first story I look at "The Gunslinger", has massive typos all over it like it got gunned down by the typo police.

    Always makes you feel like a sterling professional, doesn't it?

    It's okay, nobody cares about typos but the writer. And people who need to be beaten.

  2. Anonymous21.1.12

    Oh good, whew. I'm glad you saw it! Sorry though about causing the whole cold feet thingy.

    On I see Blogger isn't speaking to me again, I will try to foil him with Anonymous!

    The Ancient

  3. Tome, the same thing happens to me when I try to put a comment on I Like Bubbles blog. I just assumed somehow she blocked my over-zealous fan adoration.

    I'll take cold feet for a warm heart any time - BIG HUG!

    And Bear - whew. Thank you for the comment. Beaten? Yes. Preferably with a Chicago Manual of Style, the Al Capone of Grammar thing.

  4. Matty this post made me laugh! You and Ancient have inspired me to write a post.

  5. Haha, cute story :)
    I hate typos too...


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