Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing with your heart.

I will not apologize for being--well, who I am.

My dreamless sleep ended at 5:30AM, so off to the electronic world, to check up on the news, my personal headlines anyway:

*Very dear friend got engaged (was wondering if I'd have to get my ol'pappy's shotgun for the groom-to-be)
*On Twitter, this story from WoW news: about a British Iraq war vet, blinded during the war, who still wants to spend time in Azeroth.

I am going to tie this all togther. Promise.

Garden Gnome freezes his bulbs off...
This is just a quick appreciation. It's cold, snowy, and grey outside. And although I love me some snow-days, (and especially hoping it's tacked onto an already 3-day weekend), it may be because I know I can escape to a beautiful visual landscape at the click of a button. I've baked some chocolate giant-sized cupcakes (made with six--count 'em--six eggs, double recipe, and chocolate chips), and the spent time time fishing in Witch Hill. Just listen to the heartfelt serenade of the crickets and frogs, while my murkablo Antiguo Amor gives me a hot foot:

It's a wonderful world.

And to the vets, heroes, lovers, and every day amazing folks out there, fighting the good fight, thank you.

Every time you see a post posted at 11:11 - you get a free wish!

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