Monday, January 16, 2012

Ingenue ignited...

Oh, I forgot how much I love to create little fun multi-media projects. This is my first foray into this in a very long time, and yes, indeed, it's awful. Truly. But, it has inspired me to make others, in fact, I have a perfect song, and am off to go capture some footage here soon. Oh, I LOVE snowy days when the power stays on!! My goal: to be the Edward D. Wood, Jr. of Machinima. Anyway, the best part of this little minute-long video is the end where Antiguo jumps through his own smoke ring. Don't blink, little mages, or you'll miss it.

Although I try to stay away from political/corporate rants on this blog, I have to say, I love that I can use music for my personal creative endeavors. Some folks want to stop that. That is a bad idea. All new music I hear and purchase is because of a tip or someone shared it. If you think I've spent on a lot on transmog, you should see my i-Pod bill.

Music: Muhna Muhna/Cake

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  1. And I don't mean shared illegally - I mean shared by friends or found on NPR, or heard on the radio, or stumbled across it on Youtube, etc.


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