Saturday, January 21, 2012

Series: How I Met Your Warlock

Barging in, friendly, clueless as a puppy, Matty extended her hand to the warlock. He slightly flinched, pulling his human hand, now a paw, to his side. His impudent imp snickered, jumping and squirming like a fireworks sparkler trapped in a noose, teasing the warlock about his shyness. Now seeing she had breached some etiquette, she quieted her enthusiasm, and softened her exuberant stance. She had always been somewhat in awe of his powerful magic, a distinguished performer in their guild, and he only spoke with spells. Her being star-struck over his abilities had been shallow, there was so much more to him than numbers and dedication. She had misunderstood his true nature. Matty just assumed he didn't have much to say, and was surprised at his shyness. Coaxing, sweetly quiet, she just listened for a change, and if there suspicion, trust now ruled. Trust with warlocks is won with difficulty and patience, but worth it. Never play them false.

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