Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Matty: Little White Lies Edition

Dear Matty,
I have a wonderful friend in Azeroth, who's been good and true to me, dungeon after dungeon, quest after quest. Recently, however, she's been drawing the wrong kind of attention to herself. She has a few level 85s, and when transmogrification came out, had so many fun choices between plate, mail, and cloth. Her most outrageous choice though? The Black Mageweave leggings and halter-top combo. Matty, she looks like a overpriced call-girl. She asks my opinion and I am almost hemorrhaging from biting my tongue. The thing is, I've worked long and hard to build a reputation as 'not one of those girls' in WoW who gets what she wants using feminine "wiles" (the polite way to say it). It's obvious to anyone who plays that romance, sensuality, and RP is part of the world, and it's a fun part, quoting Maude in The Big Lebowski, a 'natural, zesty, enterprise.' But, Matty, I am embarrassed to be seen with her now. I have had to make excuses about not playing with her, and am grateful she's not in my guild so people don't associate us in that way. She's asked for my honest opinion, and I'm really not sure what to say. I know it's all fun and pixels, and doesn't cause any real harm, but it just feels weird.

Prude Paladin

Dear Prude:

Get over it. Think of it as a 'morale booster' for the troops. And thank heavens she's not a Tauren.


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