Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Decollage of Draenei, a Dazzle of Draenei, a Drive of Draenei?

Draenei already look like demons, so….

Vidyala at Manalicious gave me an idea the other day - a complete set of Draenei:

I realized I am well on my way! Draenei can be:
1. Shamans
2. Priests
3. Mages
4. Warriors
5. Paladins
6. Monks
7. Hunters
8. Death Knights (limited per realm, though)

Notice anything? Glaring hoofism!!! No rogues? No warlocks? And the fel powers belong solely to those who would drink of the blood? Draeneis are like dolphins, I think--oh sure folks think they're all nice and "higher beings," but no, they are capable of anthropomorphic mischief, too. Draeneis would drink blood, wouldn't they? No? No warlocks? Fine. Whatever.


  1. Your draenei and my blood elves. lol. Pretty sure I'm just missing priest and mage at max. Draenei rogues would be neat. They could wear leather ninja shoes to muffle the hoofbeats.

    1. I think so too!!!! Seriously! Get some imagination, Blizz! lol

    2. Maybe we can get Blood Elf druids while they're at it :D

  2. I like a "dazzle" of Draenei :D

    I think Blizz lifted the 1-DK-per-realm limitation a patch or two ago, so no problems there.

    1. Oh good to know - great! Off to make another alt! haha

    2. And there she is: Morphemia!

    3. Don't see why not!? I love my transform spell when I'm playing my druid and she turns into a blood elf druid: perhaps instead of leaves and twigs they use GMO foods and come up with "new things" to heal? lol


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