Saturday, January 18, 2014

OLRG: Rescue from the Cold Edition

Poor little Grummle, getting his trail mix frozen...
And by cold, I mean head cold. I still feel a little bit punk: like I said, I never get sick enough to make it 'count,' just enough to be off my A-game. Temperature wise, tt's actually not that bad here now, and I think it's warmed up a bit in the middle of the nation, too. Apparently in Australia there are a bunch of Orcs and Tauren sitting on their fannies with no pants on. While I pass the mental eye soap, I really look forward to seeing you all and anyone who wants to join the Old Ladies Raiding Guild this afternoon, 4PM Pacific:

The Docket:
Okay - yes, I admit, though thoroughly burnt from Firelands, I would like to try to get the staff and the Only the Penitent achievement. Remember: put your pets away long before we get there, including warlocks', hunters', and mages' pets, and if Neo is there I'll let him call it out. I am going to watch the video Tome link a few posts ago again, too:

Then after that I have no agenda for today: it's up to all of you.

Do you want to try some of the first LFRs on the new expansion? Do you want to go to Sunwell? Want to go back to Dragonsoul and see what we can scrounge up some more achievements? Whatever you would like to do is fine with me. I just want that Grummle to be okay. (No, that's a lie, they bug the snot out of me.)

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