Sunday, January 12, 2014

OLRG: Oathmaker Edition

I am not great at the whole "this is the shared topic week" thing - not sure why. I'm usually pretty good at calendars, enumeration, and transitioning into the "big picture" view too. In any case, I received this e-mail (I'm registered on the feed, of course) about my Blog Azeroth topic, and it was for the week of January 4-10:

Click here for website. (and post links)
And, lo and behold, dorky me, look at all those great posts! I also realized that when I reformatted my blogroll a few months ago, some great blogs mistakenly were missed, and I need to rectify that situation immediately.

Reading the posts is a treat: they are well-written and thoughtful. And it made me think, the Old Ladies have an oath of sorts, too. Imraith joined us on her warlock, and our numbers tipped just over 10, so we were in 25-man mode, and struggled with the volcano-hot-foot chieve. My version of being a 'fearless leader' is in reality more of "nagging scold," I say, "Never give up! We got this! Once more with feeling!" Give up an achieve because of one wipe!? Balderdash. Drop group because you feel squishy? NEVER!

So, to the OLRG, a draft of an oath:

When the forces of evil unite
We Old Ladies are up to the fight
Warchief or King, stand aside
Mount up! Mount up! Onward we ride!
No beast or monster is too strong
No keyboard mishap can make us wrong
No backwards Matty-shirt
Shall make us eat dirt
Or bugged locked gate
Shall give way to hate
No RNG meddling, or mog drop missed
Shall ever take over our desire to /kiss
No silly achievement choreography
Will make us forget simple geography
We are here because we want to be
And unlocking fun, we all hold the key

We the Old Ladies
Shall persevere
To make Azeroth OURS
We ARE the cool-kids' table
And shall make it ours as long as we're able!

Dragonray also has another challenge, with wonderful judges! Navi and Cymre put up links:

And here is this week's current Blog Azeroth topic, Mountable Mounts. Check it out!


  1. /cheer
    That's a fantastic oath for the Old Ladies. It feels more like a college fight song to me, though. Would it go to the tune of "On Wisconsin" or "Rise and Shout, the Cougars are Out"?

    1. That's hilarious, because I almost wrote this as a 'drinking song!' Too funny. Oaths just seem too serious for us OLRG folks…we fight and drink and drink and fight (even if it's just coffee or tea)….

  2. Yay! We have an oath! I especially like the backwards shirt part. For me last night it was, Girl Gone almost finished? My OLRG drive is not diminished! Still saving the end until later.

    1. That was super fun! We'll just have to see what everyone feels like - we may need a break from Mr. Fandral. Can't wait to hear what you think of Gone, Girl!

  3. Anonymous17.1.14

    I started running Niremere through LFR/Ordos again to try to get her more gear (set bonus plzkthx), the idea being that better gear would make 25man easier to heal.

    ... so far the luck has not been on my side. ALAS.


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