Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OLRG: Ringer

Saw this image yesterday and it reminded me of our ringer, Neo:

Just doing my job, citizens!

I have a lot more to write this morning, but I goofed around near Mudsprocket because I thought Onyxia might hand over the keys to her car, but whatever. Folks have been saying they want to go to OLRG events, and trust me, we are PRO! Tome has a Vent account all set up for us, and we need/greed to our hearts' content.

Here is the general information:
1. Always look here first: I'm the point-person for this stuff. It doesn't mean someone else can't run it, start it, do it, bring it, leave it, etc. If I can't make it I put it on the blog first.
2. Saturdays, late afternoons, before cocktails and dinner parties, cause I know we all go to those.
3. Time: 4PM Pacific. I live near Seattle, Washington. That would be 5PM Mountain, 6PM Central, and 7PM Eastern. The rest of ya'll I can only direct here: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/

I can tell you that that is 9AM in Sydney, Australia, the next day (Sunday), which means Cymre has been very dedicated!

So, more to follow - must go dry hair, grab some to-go coffee, and put on a happy face!


  1. LOL! That picture is perfect! And thank you for reminding me I can go visit Onyxia, for whatever reason I forgot it was Tuesday.

  2. Do you think there will ever be plans to run this Horde-side? Or will it always be Alliance? :(

    1. Yes, but I'm not quite in the market to spend $30 to switch one of my characters yet: everyone but me has a Horde, so come please feel free to battletag me and I'll sit out while the rest of ya'll Horde it up! lol

    2. Anonymous9.1.14

      Psssssssssst. Level up a goblin.

  3. Yay, I'm Batman!


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