Monday, January 13, 2014

Rested XP

I gave myself one of those arbitrary boundary-settings last night: my Draenei sent me a text and told me to go on vacation, somewhere safe from tigers, pirates, and orcs, to touch textile world, and smell worldly smells. Already my resolve is weakening: a Facebook exchange, while polite and holding true to the protocols of polite debate, has my blood pressure shooting upwards. I am done defending my professional knowledge. I am weary and worn from fighting unseen foes and misguided understandings (that's saying it sweetly). I am deflated in my defense of the humanity of my life, and those around me. My metaphorical sword is dinged, and my shield pitted. I need a life buff.

Wait…maybe it's not Azeroth I need a break from? 

But I am going to try. I still want to try Flex again this week, and of course there is the OLRG shenanigans, which are so much fun.

Haanta is calling…just a few minutes before I go to work…just a few….


  1. Yup, Azeroth's where I go to get away. I'm exhausted from arguing with the "Waste Management Company" about the fact that they want to charge me "extra" because I had too much trash out because they didn't pick up for two weeks. And here I thought they'd credit my account for the days they missed, silly me. I need to kick some butt. I'd prefer real life butt but will settle for virtual, lol.

    1. Getting folks to do the right thing.....sheesh....


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