Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tiny Story Time: Lucky Cat

"Girl," Mrs. Whitworth believed she heard her, "Girl, go. You are too cowardly. Go."

The girl hated to be afraid: her mage sister struggled in downing the dragon, and returned with terrible stories. But the mage bragged, and came home with her tail between her legs.

She twisted her head on her neck, feeling like someone was talking to her, but couldn't hear a voice. Mrs. Whitworth wrapped around her ankles, and meowed loudly. "Oh, why not," she asked Mrs. W, "So what if I die a horrible, dragon-breath death?"

Mrs. Whitworth tagged along, and whispered something in the dragon's ear, something indistinguishable to the girl. No matter: they all flew home in style.


  1. Anonymous7.1.14

    That's one of my favourite mounts, congrats. Hopefully I can do the same one day.

  2. Ooooh Congratulations! It's a really awesome mount. :D

  3. Congratulations! So THAT'S how you great it to drop! I'll have to tell that Warlock next time she must take Mrs. Whitworth with her.

  4. This may have been the singular dragon in the game that is my all-time favorite: the RNGS, once in awhile, look the other way. I give all the credit to Mrs. W. Not sure what she told Onyxia, but I hope she never says it to me, because it results in death and big loot hauls! Thanks everyone: here's to once in awhile getting what we want.


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