Friday, January 31, 2014

OLRG: Old Milwaukee Style

The theme of this week's OLRG (Old Ladies Raiding Guild) is Tour Bus Style. In Azeroth, this world of Azerothian elites and "no gaijin" doormen, the OLRG is bound and honored to serve all of us who just want to see shit, and maybe, just maybe, make-out with Will Ferrel on buses:

But since we're all about breaking through, bustin' out, expressing our selves, dammit, let's shake things loose!
(no, really, click on this)
But - I have a big favor to ask: Can we try to get Momokawa's druid staff again, please? And I'll sit out for Penitent since my last click seemed to fail. And--can we maybe, just maybe try one of the first wings of Flex with my warlock, for Titan Runestones? She's so close…so very close…and if JD wants to bring his rogue to pickpocket stuff, that's cool, and maybe, just maybe let's go to ICC…

Anyway, Garrosh is hosting some parties, too, so perhaps all of you who enjoy the Horde side of things can meet up with him. He's having trouble with that paternity suit and all, and could probably use some cheering up. There are tons of mog contests going on, screenshot things, I still have a few ideas, and oh yea, got some Dear Matty columns I need to attend to, not to mention coin stories. In fact, about more than anything I wish I could stay home today. But alas, not going to happen. In fact, my job is stressing me out so much, I tried to raid (more on this later) last night, and looked up at myself in the mirror and the circles under my eyes were Stygian black. Maybe I need a dip in the Imperial Moat. Or an Old Milwaukee beer.

ANYWAY: See you all tomorrow, February 1, at 4PM Pacific. Can't wait!


  1. Momo must have her staff! Looking forward to doing whatever may come tomorrow!

    1. Me too! Let's hope Fandral doesn't put up a fuss and just gives it up quicker!

  2. There is a Old Lady Dwarf that would love to raid sometime. Unfortunately weekends have been filled lately, including SF conventions or that my sons and I will be competing in the MTG PreRelease event tomorrow where I expect to be "breaking open" and "busting out" packs of l00t.

    It's a thing.

    1. I was wondering where the OLD has been --that sounds like tons of fun, though, and you are welcome anytime. If there is another time you just want to go to do unofficial OLRG stuff, just send a shout-out. Be careful in that 'bust out,' cause the Tokyo police and all...


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